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Democrats plan to overturn part of the Comstock Act, a law forbidding mailing abortion materials and several forms of birth control.

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Democrats introduce bill to repeal Comstock abortion law, guard against Trump actions

Democrats plan to overturn the Comstock Act, a 19th-century law forbidding mailing abortion materials and several forms of birth control. Sen. Tina Smith, D-Minn., introduced the bill on Thursday, June 20. The new bill would specifically repeal the portions of the Comstock Act that cover abortion-related materials. Right now, the Biden administration interprets the law as preventing medical professionals from mailing drugs that facilitate abortions only if the sender knows the drugs will be used unlawfully. However, recent arguments in the U.S. Supreme Court indicate justices could uphold that portion of the law to include banning all of those drugs from being mailed.

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