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Did Russia take Bakhmut? Did Ukrainians attack Belgorod? Finding the truth in the midst of an active warzone is no easy task.

Ukraine, Russia both have reasons to lie about Bakhmut

What is happening in Bakhmut? Does Russia control it? Does Ukraine? And what about the Russian separatist groups fighting for Ukraine? Did they really liberate Russian-held villages? From the start of the war, finding the truth about what’s happening on the ground in Ukraine has been a struggle. The last few days are no exception.…

Another American may be dead in Ukraine. Mercenary leader Yevgeny Prigozhin said the man, possibly an ex-Army Ranger, was killed in Bakhmut.

Wagner leader claims American soldier killed in Bakhmut, Ukraine

Another American may be dead in Ukraine. In a video posted to Telegram, Yevgeny Prigozhin, the mercenary leader of the Wagner Group, revealed what looks like the driver’s license and military identification of a retired Army soldier from Idaho. Prigozhin said the man, possibly an ex-Army Ranger, was killed while fighting for Ukraine in Bakhmut.…

The Wagner group has been fighting on behalf of Russia in its war against Ukraine, and now its leader is threatening to pull out. The Morning Rundown™

Authorities nab suspect in California stabbings spree: May 5 rundown

A California college community is at ease following the arrest of a man suspected of a stabbing spree at city parks this week. And a horse trainer has now been suspended indefinitely from the Kentucky Derby following the sudden deaths of two of his horses. These stories and more highlight the daily rundown for Friday,…

A U.S. doctor, who split his time practicing medicine in Iowa and Africa, was stabbed to death in Sudan while trying to flee with his family.

US doctor is stabbed to death in front of family amid Sudan unrest

A doctor who split his time practicing in Iowa and Sudan has been killed. He was stabbed to death in front of his parents, wife and two children when trying to escape the unrest in Sudan.  49-year-old Bushra Sulieman was fatally stabbed outside of his Sudan residence. The U.S. doctor had been treating those wounded…

The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced there is a "high risk of biological hazard" in Sudan amid an ongoing civil conflict.

WHO warns of high bio-hazard risk in Sudan after fighters seize pathogen labs

The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced there is a “high risk of biological hazard” in Sudan, as fighting between the nation’s military and a rival paramilitary force continues to escalate. The violence has so far left at least 459 people dead and injured about 4,072 more, according to the WHO’s latest figures. The announcement…

Russia said the world is on the verge of World War III. Meanwhile, the US is "expediting" the delivery of 31 Abrams tanks to Ukraine.

Russia warns of WWIII, US accelerates Abrams tanks deliveries to Ukraine

While the world waits for Ukraine’s counteroffensive, Russia is rattling its nuclear sabers once again. Sensing the urgency of the situation, the United States is also speeding up delivery on the Abrams tanks it promised Ukraine. On April 25, Dmitry Medvedev, a Putin ally and the former president and prime minister of Russia, said “the…

The State Department said U.S. citizens who need to get out of Sudan should not expect a government evacuation, but they will provide help.

US citizens still in Sudan will need to find their own way out

The United States suspended embassy operations in Sudan on Sunday, April 23, and sent troops on three Chinook helicopters to evacuate approximately 70 employees. But an estimated 16,000 private U.S. citizens remain in the country and the State Department said they should not expect a government-led evacuation. “It’s not safe to undertake a U.S. government-coordinated…

The Wagner Group, a private military company from Russia, has close ties with Sudan. Wagner has been training Sudanese fighters for years.

Russia’s Wagner group has presence in Sudan, could benefit from ongoing crisis

The Russian private military company, the Wagner Group, has close ties with Sudanese security forces. While there is no evidence Wagner fighters are taking part in Sudan’s current armed conflict, there are certainly indications Wagner, and therefore Russia, are watching closely. Back in 2017, Sudan’s leader at the time, President Omar al-Bashir, signed a series…

Most of the mercenaries fighting for Wagner in Ukraine are about to be pardoned, and allowed to return to Russia.

Wagner mercenaries in Ukraine going back to Russia

Time may be running out for the Russian private military company, the Wagner Group. Most of the mercenaries fighting for Wagner are about to go home, and what fighters do remain could soon be cut off from the rest of Russia’s armed forces. Last fall, Wagner recruited heavily in Russian prisons to bolster its ranks.…

The Wagner Group, the infamous Russian private military company, released an ad on Pornhub to try and recruit more fighters to Ukraine.

Russian mercenary Wagner Group recruiting from Pornhub, high schools

Pornhub is the most popular website in the world. It boasts more than 10 billion visitors every month. For some advertisers, it’s a perfect target demographic: bored individuals who may have too much time on their hands. At least that’s how the Wagner Group sees it. Wagner is the Russian private military company that’s heavily…

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