Tuesday, November 1, 2022


With the mission of bridging the national divide, the emerging digital news outlet reports news with fair, factual, and unbiased coverage to give audiences context and clarity.

OMAHA, Neb. Straight Arrow News (SAN) officially unveiled its cutting-edge election resources and primetime coverage plan for the upcoming 2022 Midterm Elections.

“Every election season is noted as ‘the most important one of our lifetime’, so we’re excited to launch our distinct coverage at a crucial moment in American history,” said Pierce Sharpe, executive producer of SAN. “Viewers will see our commitment to unbiased news and straight facts, in every single report and in exclusive resources we deliver.”

Answering the national call for trustworthy news reporting, each free election website page is designed to equip visitors with direct access to important tools that allow users to be well-informed before the election and while results are announced. Information-driven resources include an interactive state-by-state comparison of important details, such as voting security, a historic comparison of past election results, and voter turnout. Throughout election night, followers will also find real-time updates of results across the country laid out in an interactive map and be able to monitor any power shifts on Capitol Hill to keep a pulse on the balance of seats within the Senate and House.

Beyond what can be found on the Straight Arrow News website, viewers can join the newsroom with real-time national updates throughout the evening with coverage beginning at 5 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Nov. 8, and continuing into the early morning hours. A wide range of contextual reports, breaking news updates, and special-edition interviews from political thought leaders will regularly publish on the SAN website and across SAN’s social channels.


Straight Arrow News’ most noteworthy feature is its unique Media Miss tool, which spotlights what stories other outlets are underreporting based on political bias. This unparalleled service reinforces the Straight Arrow News mission of unbiased news coverage.

“Our election coverage demonstrates our promise to the viewer. We’re here to supply you with materials that help you filter out the noise and gain a full perspective of what’s happening throughout our country,” shared Taylor Davis, chief product officer of SAN. “The ‘Media Miss’ updates found throughout our site are a perfect example of what happens at the intersection of balanced reporting and consumer empowerment.”


In addition to traditional election coverage, Straight Arrow News is hosting a first-ever election newscast live on TikTok for five hours beginning at the top of every hour from 6 p.m. ET. Beyond robust election results coverage, viewers will get a behind-the-scenes, exclusive look into the SAN newsroom and have a chance to speak directly to the reporters.

The TikTok livestream and evening coverage will feature SAN talents such as Ray Bogan (political correspondent), Mahmoud Bennett (social media reporter), Simone Del Rosario (business correspondent), Shannon Longworth (investigative reporter), and Karah Rucker (morning anchor).


“This election season, we wanted to put extensive resources in the hands of the voter to further deliver on our mission,” said Maelyn Wisch, director of marketing of SAN. “The result of this effort supports our promise of ‘Unbiased. Straight Facts.’ to our viewers.

“Our team is ready to rightfully earn the trust of Americans by delivering the facts this midterm cycle. We have world-class talent, high reporting standards, and data-driven tools at a time when the truth is needed more than ever.”


Straight Arrow News is an emerging digital news outlet with the editorial mission to bridge the national divide throughout the United States. The organization was launched to chart a middle path through the wedge issues that cause disconnect by carefully examining all sides of each story and acknowledging key talking points from both sides of the aisle. By respecting differences in beliefs and opinions, SAN seeks to celebrate the American values that unite the country, and the outlet strives to deliver the news with nuance and empathy.

Daily and investigative reports, exclusive interviews, and opinion content can be found on the Straight Arrow News website. More content and real-time coverage can also be followed on SAN social media channels, including TikTok,YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

SAN’s Media Miss feature is powered by an exclusive partnership with Ground News.

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