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Heath Cary

Senior Motion Designer

Simply stated, Heath moves things around creatively. He has a passion for motion graphics, specifically typography and infographics, and he was originally inspired by the title sequences Saul Bass created for Alfred Hitchcock films. Heath does his best work blending old-school typography with modern design to create captivating visuals. His love for animation moved him from agency work in Dallas to local news in St. Louis where he earned two Promax Gold awards, three Emmys and a handful of other shiny things.


Now, his goal is to help you decide for yourself by clearing up some confusion. Sometimes data, policies, and processes that impact all of us can be difficult to wrap your mind around. Heath’s animations simplify concepts and paint a picture making it easier to understand exactly what in the world is going on out there.


When he’s not moving graphics around, Heath enjoys music, art, and traveling with his lovely wife and son. They spend a lot of their free time in a plane, train, boat, or automobile exploring the USA and beyond. Heath uses those experiences to enhance the quality of the work on display throughout many projects in the Straight Arrow News collection.

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