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An American, who faced 12 years in prison in Turks and Caicos over hunting ammunition, is heading home after spending two months in jail.

American avoids more jail time in Turks and Caicos ammunition case

An American from Oklahoma, who was facing 12 years in prison in the Turks and Caicos Islands, is heading home after spending about two months in jail. Ryan Watson was arrested and charged with bringing ammunition into the British territory back in April. Watson said he accidentally had four rounds of hunting ammunition in his…

Customs and Border Protection said it encountered 170,000 people in May, including 117,000 who crossed between ports of entry.

Illegal border crossings drop in May, but remain on track for 2 million this year

Illegal border crossings continued to decrease in May. According to Customs and Border Protection (CBP), officials encountered 170,000 people total, including 117,000 between ports of entry. It is the lowest month of the 2024 fiscal year. As a comparison, encounters hit their highest mark ever in December at 301,000. May’s numbers are 9,000 lower than…

The FAA is investigating an incident where a Southwest Airlines jet flew dangerously close to an Oklahoma neighborhood.

Southwest jet flew dangerously low to ground, FAA wants to know why

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced that it has launched an investigation into why a Southwest Airlines jet flew dangerously low near an Oklahoma neighborhood on Wednesday, June 19. As the plane dipped hundreds of feet above the ground, an air traffic controller at Will Rogers Airport became alerted by a low altitude “automated warning.”…

Illinois State Rep. Benton proposed bills to criminalize government officials flying the American flag upside down on government property.

Illinois bill would make flying US flag upside down a felony

Democratic Illinois State Rep. Harry Benton, a veteran, has introduced a pair of bills in the Illinois Legislature aimed at addressing the practice of flying the American flag upside down. HB5860 would make it a felony for any government official to knowingly fly an American flag upside down on government property. Meanwhile, HB5861 proposes imposing…

Navahine v. Hawaii Department of Transportation is the first youth-led constitutional challenge to address transportation climate pollution.

Hawaii youth-led climate change case reaches historic settlement

The state of Hawaii settled a landmark case with a group of youth alleging the state was violating their rights with pollution-causing infrastructure. The group called on the state to commit to a transportation system with zero emissions by 2045. The case, Navahine v. Hawaiʻi Department of Transportation, is the world’s first youth-led constitutional challenge…

Biden won CNN's coin toss, which allowed him to choose between stage placement or the opportunity to give the final remarks of the debate.

Biden chooses right side of TV screen over final word at debate. Why?

CNN gave President Joe Biden an option ahead of the first presidential debate to choose between two debate advantages. He opted for stage positioning over a closing statement advantage that could shape how viewers perceive him in the critical showdown against former President Donald Trump. Biden won the coin toss conducted by CNN. It allowed…

A cinema in London has cancelled the premier screening of a film written entirely by AI following backlash from the theater's audience.

London cinema cancels screening of film written by ChatGPT after backlash

A London cinema has cancelled the world premiere of a film following backlash it received over being written by ChatGPT. The film, “The Last Screenwriter,” shows the saga of a screenwriter faced with the task of working with an AI system whose skills match his own. The movie’s human director, Swiss filmmaker Peter Luisi, said…

For the first time ever, doctors were able to regenerate heart tissue damaged in bypass surgery patients. The new treatment is offering hope to millions with cardiovascular diseases.

Breakthrough study reveals doctors used shockwaves to regenerate heart tissue

For the first time, doctors succeeded in regenerating damaged heart tissue. The findings were published in the European Heart Journal on Thursday, June 20. Surgeons in Austria used a device named the “space hairdryer” during open-heart bypass surgery to send gentle shockwaves to the patient’s heart. Ten minutes of treatment led to the reactivation of…

Summer's officially here; time for a vacation, right? Maybe not. A new report said Americans take the least vacation time in the word.

Report: Americans take fewest vacation days in the world

Summer is officially here, and many Americans are gearing up for vacation — right? Maybe not. After surveying more than 11,000 people from 11 countries, Expedia’s annual “Vacation Deprivation Report” found that 2 out of 3 Americans say they don’t take enough time off. Americans already take the fewest vacation days every year, averaging out…

Rheinmetall is proposing a new Frankentank for Ukraine. The concept combines a Leopard 1 chassis with a Skyranger turret for air defense.

This Frankentank could revolutionize air defense in Ukraine

The dominance of drones in Ukraine is giving rise to another trend: Franken-systems. Whether it is decades-old, American-made HAWK air defense missiles mounted to Soviet-era launchers or World War I and II era machine guns mounted together, the drive to down drones created innovative solutions on the battlefield. But Rheinmetall, one of the largest defense…

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