Editorial Mission

We serve you, not an agenda — so you can make the most informed decisions.

Straight Arrow News is committed to unbiased, fact-based journalism in an environment where media mistrust is at an all-time high. With today’s divisive political and media environments, our goal of serving you, not any party’s agenda, is even more critical.

By approaching every issue from an objective, middle ground and highlighting underreported stories, we aim to empower you with the facts and provide context.

Independent experts at AllSides and Ad Fontes Media who regularly evaluate the bias and reliability of news outlets have verified our unbiased, fact-based approach.

AllSides has recognized SAN with a Center rating and Balance Certification™–a distinction awarded to “exemplary news media outlets” whose “news reporting is substantially free from partisan political bias.” Ad Fontes describes SAN’s reporting as “Middle or Balanced Bias.

Beyond our straightforward reporting, you rely on SAN to help you grasp the full picture behind every story via our Media MissTM tool, which helps you discover underreported stories from each side. With a view into the full media landscape, you can break free from the bias and understand how every topic is being covered. 

In addition to reporting on the news, we believe it’s vital to hear opinions and commentary from all points on the political spectrum. These differentiated opinions will help you understand the complexity and nuances behind the day’s most pressing issues, providing context so you can decide for yourself. We want to help you see the full picture and break free from the mainstream conversations.

Straight Arrow News is advocating for a return to civil discourse by bringing curiosity, integrity and passion for the truth to everything we do.

Why we exist

Media bias isn’t just a nuisance. It threatens our democracy. Straight Arrow News was created to dispel the partisan narratives, to dismantle the outrage engine and to deliver context to the issues dividing us.

A 2023 YouGov poll showed Americans’ trust in media organizations is on the decline, while a 2023 AP-NORC poll revealed most Americans believe the news media is doing more to increase political divisions in the country. 

Media is indispensable for democracy to work because it empowers citizens to make informed decisions, fosters public discourse and holds leaders accountable. Media is the bridge between government and the governed. At Straight Arrow News, we want to strengthen that bridge.

Who we are

We are a small group of independent reporters and producers who became frustrated with the biases present in the news media. Our team brings experience from companies across the media landscape, including Fox News, CNN and USA Today. We all got into the business of journalism to tell stories that are important to all Americans, not just one side or the other. We believe the news media should focus on the facts.

How we achieve our mission

Providing unbiased, fact-based reporting is core to our mission. We approach each topic knowing that we have to earn your trust with process-driven journalism.

We let you hear from all voices, even the ones you might disagree with. To understand the debate, we supplement our fact-based reporting with opinions from across the political spectrum.

And when the rest of the media skews coverage on a particular story, we’ll show you how. Our Media Miss™ tool helps you discover underreported stories that each side of the aisle chooses to ignore. 

We believe this technology can help shine a light and bring a broader perspective to the issues facing our nation and families. By providing the resources to see the media landscape for yourself, you can break free from the partisan echo chambers and deeply understand how any topic is being covered.

Join us on our mission to improve journalism.

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