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To meet rising energy demand and achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, experts estimate the U.S. will have to triple its nuclear power output.

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US may have to go nuclear to meet climate goals, surging energy demand

Amazon announced it is now running on 100% renewable power, but some employees say the company may not be telling the whole truth.

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Amazon says it runs on 100% clean power, employees say total is far lower

The Biden administration has announced a $1.7 billion federal assistance package to help automakers retool their factories for EV production.

Biden admin slates $1.7B for automakers transitioning to EV production

China is catching up to American nuclear fusion capabilities, as the race to unlock this nearly limitless source of clean energy heats up.

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China is quickly catching up to the US in race for nuclear fusion energy

After the disruption of its natural gas supplies from Russia amid geopolitical tensions, Germany now relies on China to meet its power needs.

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Germany has become increasingly reliant on Chinese renewable energy tech

Future NASCAR events might feature a quieter sound on the track, as the motorsport company introduced its new electric race car prototype.

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NASCAR unveils new electric race car prototype amid its net-zero commitment

Germany has passed a new law allowing renters to install solar panels, limiting the ability of landlords to prevent such installations.


Germany gives renters legal right to solar power, even if landlords don’t want it

Researchers at Yale University are exploring how the natural adaptations of giant clams might lead to improvements in solar energy technology.

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Giant clams could hold the key to more efficient solar power advancements

As the EU implements increased tariffs on Chinese EVs, Beijing-backed automaker BYD is reportedly building a new $1 billion plant in Turkey.

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China’s BYD to build $1B plant in Turkey as increased EU tariffs kick in

Commercial solar panels span over six feet, but WAVJA's Photon Energy Systems could provide 20 times more power while being 30 times smaller.

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The next generation of solar power could fit in the palm of your hand

J.D. Power’s recent 2024 U.S. Initial Quality Study has found EVs are running into more issues on average than traditional gas-powered cars.

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J.D. Power study finds EVs experience more issues than traditional cars

China has built the world's largest single wind turbine in terms of power rating, capable of providing energy to tens of thousands of homes.


China installs world’s largest single wind turbine in terms of power rating

BP is reinvigorating its focus on fossil fuels as its CEO announced a pause in all new offshore wind projects and a hiring freeze.

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BP halts offshore wind projects, renews focus on oil and gas as demand soars

The endangered fin whale faces renewed threats from whaling, as Iceland and Japan have approved new permits to hunt them.

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Japan, Iceland issue new whaling permits to hunt endangered fin whale

Ecuador has nearly restored power after a national blackout impacted hospitals, homes and transit brought the country into darkness.

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95% of power restored in Ecuador after nationwide blackout

Climate activists target Taylor Swift's private jets at U.K. airport and Stonehenge, using spray paint to send a message.


Climate activists target Taylor Swift’s private jets, Stonehenge 

Louisiana has become the first state to require the Ten Commandments be displayed in schools, causing pushback from civil rights groups.

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Louisiana law requires public classrooms to display Ten Commandments

After the EU announced a tariff hike on Chinese EVs, Beijing warned it would retaliate, with China now going after Europe’s pork market.

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What do EVs have to do with the price of pork in China? Actually, a lot.

For the first time ever, solar power is surpassing oil in terms of energy production capacity, according to a Bloomberg report.

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Solar power is outpacing Big Oil in a shift that China may benefit the most from

Some analysts say global oil demand is a few years away from declining, while others foresee continued fossil fuel investments for decades.

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IEA says oil demand set to peak, OPEC sees continued growth for decades

A recent study conducted by researchers at Concordia University has developed an innovative method to generate clean energy using algae.

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Concordia University team uses algae for carbon-negative clean energy solution

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates wants to revolutionize the U.S. energy sector by building a next-generation nuclear reactor in Wyoming.


Bill Gates wants to shake up US energy with a next-generation nuclear reactor

The EU is supporting their domestic automakers who face competition from China's low-cost EVs, announcing a tariff hike on these vehicles.

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EU announces tariff hike on Chinese EVs amid ongoing anti-subsidy investigation

Since President Joe Biden assumed office nearly four years ago, oil and gas companies experienced record profits and production levels.

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Big Oil sees record profits under Biden, Trump promises to take them higher