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Adrienne Lawrence

Legal analyst, law professor & award-winning author

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Adrienne Lawrence is an award-winning on-air legal commentator and inclusion speaker who does more than just talk. The progressive mind reaches audiences through informative, thought-provoking conversation—particularly on matters within the realm of gender and racial equity. Adrienne recently wrote Staying in the Game: The Playbook for Workplace Sexual Harassment, which received several accolades, including two International Book Awards and the 2021 Axiom Business Book of the Year Award in the category of women and marginalized groups in the workplace. When she’s not educating professionals on diversity and inclusion as a Vice President for Jennifer Brown Consulting, Adrienne’s hosting “Overruled” for The Young Turks, where her legal and social justice takes garner millions of views across social media platforms. In 2015, Adrienne started her broadcast career at ESPN as an anchor and legal analyst, after which she went on to become a Women’s Media Center Progressive Voice of 2018 and among Take The Lead’s 2020 Top 50 Women Who Can Change Journalism. Her insight has been showcased by outlets such as NPR and Buzzfeed, and her published works included in The Washington Post, Harvard Business Review, and the like. A devoted California native, Adrienne’s currently living her best life in balmy Northern California.

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