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Four foreign nationals have been charged in connection to a U.S. raid last month that resulted in two Navy SEALs losing their lives.


4 charged in connection to raid that killed 2 Navy SEALs

The Houthis have a new weapon to use in their attacks on ships in the Red Sea; Iranian-made uncrewed underwater vessels, or UUVs.

Fars News

The Houthis have underwater drones now

In this episode of Weapons and Warfare, learn about the Air and Space Forces and how the lack of congressional funding is holding them back.

Straight Arrow News

Congress is holding Air and Space Forces back: Weapons and Warfare

Air and Space Force leaders emphasized the need to prepare troops for evolving threats worldwide and blamed Congress for delayed advancement.


Air Force secretary urges funding to modernize: ‘We are out of time’

Shield AI CEO explains Weapons and Warfare's weapon of the week, and how new autopilot technology could be the future of the military.

Kratos Defense

Hivemind AI is a ‘key enabler for the US military’: Weapon of the week

The Navy commissioned its newest warship, the USS John L. Canley, a flexible tool for a broad spectrum of maritime operations

Department of Defense

Navy commissions latest warship, the USS John L. Canley

Ukraine claims to it sank a Russian warship in the Black Sea. In total, Ukraine said it has disabled 1/3 of Russia's Black Sea naval fleet.

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Ukraine says it sank another warship, disabled 1/3 of Russian Black Sea fleet

For Ukraine, victory means one thing: complete Russian withdrawal. For Putin, however, Russia's version of victory is a bit more complex.

Ukraine Armed Forces

What role does democracy play in Ukraine’s victory?

In this episode of Weapons and Warfare, host Ryan Robertson dives into how Putin might describe a victory for Russia.


What victory over Ukraine looks like for Putin’s Russia: Weapons and Warfare

Weapons and Warfare's weapon of the week is the HISS-HD, a new sight that will give precision shooters increased range and accuracy.

Teledyne FLIR

HISS-HD sight an ‘unmatched choice’ for precision shooters: Weapon of the week

The Israeli military reported a tunnel shaft near a UNRWA school that led to an underground Hamas tunnel beneath UNRWA’s headquarters.

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UNRWA scrutiny grows after IDF finds tunnel network under agency’s Gaza HQ

Venezuela is ramping up military activity along a disputed border with Guyana. The confirmation comes from satellite images.

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Images show Venezuela military buildup along border with oil-rich Guyana

General Valeriy Zaluzhnyi is out as the military leader in Ukraine. Col. General Oleksandr Syrskyi will now lead the country's armed forces.

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Ukraine trades ‘Iron General’ for the ‘Butcher’

The U.S. and U.K. navies want the Houthis to stop attacking ships, but there's a silver lining to all the action: it’s great experience.

U.K. Ministry of Defence

There’s a silver lining to the attacks in the Red Sea

The Marine Corps announced five Marines are confirmed dead after their helicopter went down in mountains of Southern California.

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5 Marines confirmed dead in California helicopter crash

U.S. forces killed a senior leader of an Iranian-backed militia in Iraq on Wednesday, Feb. 7, in a retaliatory airstrike.


US airstrike kills Iranian-backed militia leader in Iraq

The Supreme Court is set to hear oral arguments regarding whether former President Donald Trump is eligible to run for president.

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Supreme Court to hear arguments over Trump’s ballot eligibility: The Morning Rundown: Feb. 8, 2024

Hamas proposes a 135-day cease-fire in Gaza to release remaining Israeli hostages in exchange for freeing Palestinians in Israeli jails.

Israel Defense Forces via X

IDF says quarter of hostages dead; Hamas pushes 135-day cease-fire

This episode of Weapons and Warfare examines the dwindling supply of rare earth minerals and what that means for the U.S. national defenses.

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Dwindling natural resources are a threat to the US military: Weapons and Warfare

Weapons and Warfare's weapon of the week is the K4 MANTA: An underwater stealth drone that might become part of the U.S. Navy's defenses.

Kraken Technology Group

New stealth technology could be coming to the Navy: Weapon of the week

The episode of Weapons and Warfare digs into the rare earth resources needed to make modern munitions and where the U.S. is falling short.


Decreasing access to rare earth minerals put US munition production at risk

Russia is on the verge of capturing Avdiivka in eastern Ukraine. It would be the first settlement taken by Russia in eight months.


Russia could take Avdiivka from Ukraine very soon

NATO is starting the largest exercise since the Cold War, focusing much of its attention on its eastern flank facing Russia.


Largest NATO exercises since Cold War underway

The United States launches strikes against Iranian-backed targets in the Middle East three days in a row.

U.S. Central Command

US launches strikes against Iranian-backed targets 3 days in a row: The Morning Rundown, Feb. 5, 2024