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Delta Air Lines canceled over 4,500 flights since the cybersecurity outage. Transportation Secretary Buttigieg demands customer assistance.

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More flights canceled as Delta struggles after global tech outage

Scientists say that universal flu vaccine may be available within the next five years, according to new research.

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One-time flu shot may offer a lifetime of protection in next five years: Study

A software update glitch at CrowdStrike, a prominent cybersecurity firm, triggered widespread chaos across the globe on Friday, July 19.

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What is CrowdStrike? How a software glitch disrupted a tech-dependent world

Global tech outage disrupted airlines and businesses worldwide due to a CrowdStrike update, affecting Microsoft Windows systems.

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Major tech outage for Microsoft users affects airlines, businesses around the world

Netflix is ending its cheapest ad-free plan, requiring current users to switch. Ad-supported plan now the lowest at $6.99/month.

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Netflix getting rid of lowest-priced ad-free plan

"You'll never hear it from me a second time." Former President Trump recounted assassination attempt while accepting GOP nomination.

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Trump accepts GOP’s nomination, recounts assassination attempt

Semiconductor shares plummeted as U.S. considers new export controls on China and the market reacts to Trump and Biden's comments.

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Chipmaker stocks dive following US policy rumors

NASA announced that it has scrapped plans to put a rover on the moon to look for ice deposits, citing budget constraints and launch failures.

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NASA cancels moon rover mission after spending $450 million on development

Scientists say so-called "supermodel granny" mice could be the key to helping humans slow down the aging process.

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‘Supermodel granny’ mice could be key to slow human aging

Vineyard Wind, the nation's largest offshore wind farm, located 14 miles off the coast of Massachusetts, is now under federal investigation.

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Nation’s largest offshore wind project under federal investigation

Former Republican rivals of Donald Trump are now throwing their weight into backing him for the 2024 presidential election at the RNC.

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Haley among former rivals to show support for Trump at RNC

This week, Weapons and Warfare revisits its first episode, providing an update on the development of pills to protect troops from radiation.


Research on anti-radiation drug continues: Weapons and Warfare

A massive asteroid is expected to pass by Earth in 2029 and the European Space Agency hopes to catch it with a new mission.

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Giant asteroid will fly by Earth in 2029, scientists want to catch it

Hackers leaked Disney's internal Slack data, including ad campaigns, unreleased projects and employee info.

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Hacker group claims it leaked Disney’s internal info

Scientists confirmed a large cave on the moon near Apollo 11 site, potentially sheltering future astronauts from cosmic rays and radiation.

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Scientists discover cave on the moon that could shelter humans

Former President Donald Trump arrived at the Republican National Convention where Ohio Senator J.D. Vance was nominated as his running mate.

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Trump appears at Republican National Convention; Vance nominated as VP

Astronomers warn that the danger of space debris is growing and it's just a matter of time before it becomes deadly unless action is taken.

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As danger of space debris grows, could wood be the safest solution?

A recent study in Environment International found toxic metals, including lead and arsenic, in 14 tampon brands.

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Study finds toxic metals in tampons, sparking health concerns

A new mission is underway to explore the wreckage of the Titanic. It's the first commercial voyage since the OceanGate tragedy in 2023.

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A year after submersible tragedy, a new voyage to the Titanic underway

Researchers at CyberNews called it “the largest password compilation,” as nearly 10 billion unique plaintext passwords have been exposed.

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Two major cyber security breaches impact billions of people worldwide

The Biden administration has announced a $1.7 billion federal assistance package to help automakers retool their factories for EV production.

Biden admin slates $1.7B for automakers transitioning to EV production

China is catching up to American nuclear fusion capabilities, as the race to unlock this nearly limitless source of clean energy heats up.

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China is quickly catching up to the US in race for nuclear fusion energy

Two NASA astronauts say that they're confident in the Boeing Starliner's ability to get them home after testing is finished on Earth.

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NASA astronauts optimistic Boeing Starliner will get them home after testing

Apple removed 25 VPN apps from its Russian App Store at Roskomnadzor's request, tightening internet censorship following Ukraine invasion.

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Apple bows to Russian VPN crackdown: What it means for internet freedom