Brightline launched its privately-funded, high-speed passenger train service between Miami and Orlando in Florida.

Brightline opens first US passenger line in a century with high-speed Florida train

Competition and Markets Authority announced the sale of Activision by Microsoft has preliminary approval pending third-party consultation.

Microsoft one step closer to $69 billion purchase of Activision

The White House is set to announce a new office dedicated to gun violence prevention.

Biden to announce Office of Gun Violence Prevention: The Morning Rundown, Sept. 22, 2023

The U.S. Congress has a week to pass a funding bill or risk a government shutdown. How much would that cost?

Congress risks another government shutdown. The cost of 5 prior shutdowns.

The U.S. is barreling toward a government shutdown. And you might be thinking, didn't we just deal with a spending crisis a few months back?

What’s the difference between a government shutdown and debt default?

A historic strike by the United Auto Workers union has the potential to raise prices for consumers on both new and used vehicles.

Experts say car prices likely to increase as result of UAW strike

The Food and Drug Administration rejected the approval of Neffy, the first of its kind nasal spray equivalent of an EpiPen.

FDA declines to approve first nasal spray alternative to EpiPen

Lawyers for Hunter Biden have revealed his plans following an indictment on federal gun charges.

Hunter Biden expected to plead not guilty on gun charges: The Morning Rundown, Sept. 20, 2023

California is suing five oil companies, alleging they deceived the public about the risks of fossil fuels and the impact on climate change.

California sues Chevron, other oil giants, alleges climate change deception

AI hit the mainstream like a firestorm with ChatGPT. Humans will shape where AI goes from here, but many fear the direction it will take.

ChatGPT launched an AI revolution. Here’s where we stand nearly 1 year on.

Generative AI is changing the game in the workforce, with far more roles at risk of automation. How can AI enhance jobs, rather than replace?

AI is coming for 300 million jobs. Is the future work optional?

Politicians regularly show they don't understand tech and AI. So why are some of tech's biggest executives pushing for government regulation?

The race to regulate AI hits snag; politicians don’t understand the tech

AI and the uncanny valley is deeply 'problematic' for people in the era of deepfakes and the digital world. Will we begin to fear humans?

Is it alive? How AI’s uncanny valley could threaten human interaction

Conversations around artificial intelligence are often 'full of panic.' Here's how movies, media and history play a role in the fear of AI.

Why we fear AI, from a PhD in philosophy of artificial intelligence

The Clorox Company, known for its sanitizing wipes and brands like Pine-Sol and FreshStep cat litter, was hit with a cyberattack in August.

Clorox cyberattack leads to low supply of cleaning products

Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, met with Elon Musk in hopes to thwart antisemitic hate speech on the social media platform X.

Israel Prime Minister urges Elon Musk to stop hate speech on X

Five Americans detained in Iran are back home as part of a prisoner exchange.

Americans freed from Iran return to US: The Morning Rundown, Sept. 19, 2023

A preserved Camptosaurus dinosaur skeleton up for auction at a Paris auction house in October 2023 could bring in $1.2 million.

‘Barry’ the dinosaur up for sale despite scientists’ concerns over auctions

A prisoner swap between the United States and Iran is reportedly set to take place.

US, Iran prisoner swap taking place: The Morning Rundown, Sept. 18, 2023

After more than 130 years Johnson & Johnson has approved a new logo that reflects the company's focus on innovative medicine.

Johnson & Johnson replaces signature logo as company shifts focus