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America Speaks with Dr. Frank Luntz

America Speaks with Dr. Frank Luntz


America Speaks tracks the nation's pulse and sparks discussions that reveal the sentiments of American voters in real time. Join pollster and political analyst Dr. Frank Luntz as he engages in diverse conversations on the issues that matter most to the American electorate.

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Just before the first 2024 presidential debate, undecided voters discussed factors that might influence their choice between Biden and Trump.

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‘Two bad choices’: Undecided voters before Biden-Trump debate

Fifteen Americans from fourteen different states discuss their financial hardships, including making ends meet and paying bills on time.

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‘Money doesn’t go as far’: Americans discuss financial hardships

Former President Donald Trump met with House Republicans at the Capitol Hill Club to discuss politics and strategy ahead of the election, as reported by lawmakers.

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‘I am shocked’: Americans react to the Trump guilty verdict

American business owners share thoughts about politics and how businesses can thrive in this political climate.

‘We have lost empathy’: American business owners debate politics

What do young Americans think about democracy, about its strengths and its flaws, and what advice would they give to members of Congress?


‘The worst it’s ever been’: Young Americans on democracy

Gen Z Americans cover capitalism, socialism, meritocracy and equality in this wide-ranging debate on U.S. economics, values and society.

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Gen Z debates capitalism vs. socialism, meritocracy vs. equality

A stubborn optimism defines Gen Z American political attitudes. How will that impact U.S. politics when Gen Z heads to the polls?


‘We want to find common ground’: Gen Z’s stubborn optimism

Vance criticizes DEI ideology for sowing division, stating it has no place in government or society.

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‘Take the job seriously’: Why Americans are fed up with Congress

Experts and citizens share a living room discussion on the U.S. national debt and the political obstacles preventing us from addressing it.

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‘If we can shrink it, it will stop growing’: Americans talk debt, deficit

Why have some Americans not yet decided how they’ll vote in November, and what are their major concerns about American politics as a whole?

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‘I don’t think they care’: Undecided voters explain their reasons

Swing-state voters share their thoughts on Biden's State of the Union address and their overall feelings about the state of the country.

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‘He was gaslighting us’: Undecided voters on State of the Union

Americans have low expectations for political campaign ads in 2024. Watch how they feel, react and respond to those ads second by second and word by word.


‘The dirtiest campaign’: Low expectations for 2024 election ads

As we approach the presidential election, it is important to explore methods for fostering improved discourse amid widespread disagreement.

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‘A dose of empathy’: Americans’ guide to better disagreement

Americans share their biggest fears for their country, from a shortage of empathy and civility to the unaffordability of modern life.

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‘A country without purpose’: Americans share fears for their nation

A panel of Americans reflect on what makes the United States truly great and exceptional in the world today.


‘The American dream is real’: What makes the US exceptional?

Some Americans are rejecting the two-party duopoly. Here's what they have to say on Trump, Biden, and U.S. policies.

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‘We’ve lost our way’: Americans rejecting the two-party system

President Biden and Vice President Harris will travel to Philadelphia on Wednesday to launch “Black Voters for Biden-Harris,” the latest sign that their campaign is trying to shore up its support with a crucial constituency.


‘He’s just old’: Why Biden ’20 voters won’t vote for him in ’24

Key issues emerge from the debate on the American public education crisis, from curriculum design to active shooter events.

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‘CRT is a lie’: American parents debate public education issues

American firefighters do some of the most dangerous work in the country. Here are just some of the stories and the lessons they have to share with us.

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Firefighters share what they wish civilians, politicians knew

What do American citizens think of the immigration crisis, and how would they solve it if the decision were left to them?


‘You need to speak English’: Americans debate immigration crisis

41 Brown University students were charged with trespassing during a sit-in, demanding the school divest from weapons manufacturers.

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‘It’s their land’: Americans debate Gaza, Israel and Hamas

Democracy faces unprecedented threats and challenges. How is America’s upcoming generation, Gen Z, responding?


America’s Gen Z on democracy, politics and the future

Americans share their opinions and debate U.S. policy on China, Taiwan and U.S. foreign policy in Asia, revealing some unexpected viewpoints.


Americans reveal views on China, Taiwan and foreign policy in Asia

While liberals celebrate economic growth, conservatives point out rising costs. What’s the big picture on the U.S. economy?

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‘Inflation, inflation, inflation’: Americans debate economy’s health