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2021 election results: Youngkin wins Virginia, mayor-elects make history

Nov 03, 2021


In what many considered to be the biggest of the 2021 election results, Republican Glenn Youngkin was declared the winner of the Virginia gubernatorial election early Wednesday morning. He defeated Democrat and former Gov. Terry McAuliffe. The video above shows clips from Youngkin’s victory speech.

“Together, we will change the trajectory of this Commonwealth,” Gov.-elect Youngkin said in his victory speech. “And friends, we are going to start that transformation on day one.”

Youngkin’s victory marks a sharp turnaround in the state, which had shifted left throughout the 2010s. President Biden won Virginia by 10 points in the 2020 presidential election, and there hasn’t been a Republican governor of Virginia since 2009.

In another concerning sign for Democrats, the only other governor race in the 2021 election was too close for many to call as of early Wednesday afternoon. That race is between New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy and Republican challenger Jack Ciattarelli. Dave Wasserman with the nonpartisan Cook Political Report was among the first call the race for Gov. Murphy in a tweet. The Associated Press called it later in the day.

Murphy had been leading in the polls, with a 1 million-voter registration advantage and more campaign donations than Ciattarelli in the final days of the race. However, Cittarelli has far surpassed the previous Republican nominee in fundraising and has seen the gap in public polls move in his favor.

Other notable 2021 election results:

Glenn Youngkin, (R) Virginia Gubernatorial Candidate: “Alrighty Virginia, we won this thing! How much fun, how much fun. First of all, first of all, thank you all for waiting, waiting a few minutes longer than we thought to. Breakfast will be served shortly.”

“And I want to thank my beloved Commonwealth of Virginia. My fellow Virginians. (applause)”

“Together together, we will change the trajectory of this Commonwealth. And friends, we are going to start that transformation on day one.”

“But the reality is the challenge of overcoming a culture where the state overwhelms self-empowerment is all too common for too long, we’ve expect, we’ve been expected to shelve our dreams, to shelve our hope to settle for low expectations. We will not be a commonwealth of low expectations, we’ll be a Commonwealth of high expectations.”

“We can build a new day, a new day for Virginians where, yes, we saw and we never settle a new day, we’re all Virginians. All of us can deserve to look forward to grabbing, to aspiring, to dreaming and then achieving that great Virginia promise. God bless you all.”

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