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George Santos rakes in six figures on Cameo, surpassing congressional salary

Dec 08, 2023


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Ex-congressman George Santos has embarked on a new career of sorts after being ousted from the House of Representatives, Friday, Dec. 1. The former New York representative has turned to a social media platform, Cameo, making personalized videos for anyone willing to cough up $500.

Screenshots and Steven Galanis, the CEO of Cameo, suggest that the ex-congressman may have earned a six-figure sum in just two days. First reported by Semafor, Santos has reportedly earned more on Cameo in 48 hours than his entire annual salary as a congressman. As a congressman, Santos earned $174,000.

Santos is going to be “an absolute whale,” Galanis told Semafor. “This platform was built for him, and he was built for it.”

Initially, a personalized video was selling for $75. As of Dec. 8, Santos’ Cameo site has the videos listed for $500. These messages range from holiday or birthday greetings to roasts. Customers can even send a direct message for $20 if they don’t want to shell out $500 for a personalized video.

Santos was expelled from Congress following a House Ethics Committee report accusing him of misusing campaign funds for Botox, OnlyFans, and designer clothes. Additionally, he faces 23 criminal charges in New York, including wire fraud, money laundering and identity theft.

Santos has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

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