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Kamala Harris was President for 85 minutes. It was a first, will it be her last?

Nov 19, 2021


Kamala Harris became the first woman to wield presidential power in the US on Friday. The transfer of power was only temporary, lasting for 85 minutes when President Joe Biden had a colonoscopy under anesthetic. The short spell in power came amid reports she is struggling and often at odds with Biden.

Harris has been the subject of repeated controversy in 2021, with many disparaging leaks from inside the Biden administration painting a less-than-flattering picture of the vice president.

The White House has defended her. On Thursday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki told Politico there was “no question” that racism and sexism were part of “attacks” against the VP.

On Thursday night, it was reported that Harris’s communications director, Ashley Etienne, will leave her role in December.

Vice President Harris consistently receives lower approval ratings than President Biden in public opinions polls, a USA Today/Suffolk survey released this month continues that trend. According to the poll, Biden has an approval rating of 38% and Harris has an even worse 28% approval rating. The poll found that Harris is more unpopular than both congressional Democrats (29% approval) and congressional Republicans (35% approval).

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