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Murkowski to run for reelection, will face Trump-backed rival

Nov 12, 2021


Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) announced in a campaign video Friday she will seek reelection for her fourth full term in the Senate. The video above shows her filing for reelection later in the day. Sen. Murkowski has been in the Senate since 2002 when her father selected her to finish his unexpired term after he was elected governor.

“With your support and trust, we’ve accomplished a lot of great things for Alaska,” Murkowski said in the reelection announcement video. “I’m running for reelection, to continue the important work of growing our economy, strengthening our Alaska base military and protecting our people and the natural beauty of our states.”

The announcement sets up the next battle between a so-called “anti-Trump Republican” and a primary candidate the former president has backed. Murkowski was one of seven Senate Republicans who voted to convict Donald Trump in his second impeachment trial. She was censured by the Alaska Republican Party in March for the vote.

Murkowski even called on Trump to resign following the Jan. 6 Capitol riots.

“I want him to resign. I want him out. He has caused enough damage,” Murkowski told the Anchorage Daily News in the days after the riots.

She was also the lone Republican to vote against advancing Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in a procedural vote, voting “present” instead. Murkowski had expressed unease with the sexual assault allegations made against Kavanaugh, which he denied.

Trump has endorsed top Murkowski opponent Kelly Tshibaka, saying “Lisa Murkowski is bad for Alaska”. Tshibaka has tried to take advantage of Trump’s popularity in Alaska, getting support from his allies. In July, the Alaska Republican State Central Committee endorsed Tshibaka.

“In this election, lower-48 outsiders are going to try to grab Alaska’s Senate seat for their partisan agendas. They don’t understand your state, and frankly, they couldn’t care less about your future,” Murkowski said in her reelection announcement video. “My commitment to Alaska is the same one I made during my first campaign. I will work with anyone from either party to advance Alaska’s privacy. And I will always stand up to any politician or special interests that threaten our way of life.”

Sen. Lisa Murkowski, (R) Alaska: “We know that in this day and age, politics are very polarized, probably more polarized than in any time that I have been serving and in any level of government. And I think a voice of moderation, one that is looking to serve all Alaskans, not putting party interests over politics or performance, but just doing the best job that I possibly can for the state. So I’m looking forward to an active campaign in that some 360 days ahead.”

“You know, my job, my responsibility not only as a sitting United States senator, but now as an incumbent candidate running forward, my job is to reach out to Alaskans. My job is to gain the support of Alaskans. There will be plenty of people on the outside who will be gunning for me, who will suggest that I am not right for Alaskans. I would put that directly to the people of this state.”

“I’ve said that campaigns in Alaska, certainly the campaigns that I’ve been part of, have never been easy, they’ve never been ordinary. It will probably be true to that. But again, with any campaign you need to just be focused on on the mission, be focused on the message and work hard every day to to earn the support from Alaskans.”

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