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Unvaccinated NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving sidelined, sparking protests


The NBA’s Brooklyn Nets said seven-time All-Star Kyrie Irving won’t be allowed to play because he is not vaccinated against COVID-19. Sunday’s Nets game was filled with fans protesting not just Irving’s sidelining but also vaccine mandates. Irving did not attend the game, and protests outside the Barclays Center forced a brief closure of the arena.

Some, like BlazeTV’s Jason Whitlock, believe electing to get vaccinated against COVID-19 should be a personal choice without employment consequences.

Others, like “Inside the NBA” analyst Charles Barkley, contend getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is too important to protecting families and communities to pass up.

More demonstrations followed Sunday’s protest at the Barclay’s Center. On Monday, New York City municipal employees marched across the Brooklyn Bridge in protest of the COVID-19 vaccine mandate. The march was billed as an anti-mandate protest on behalf of nearly 50,000 NYC employees who have yet to be vaccinated against COVID-19.