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North Korea missile test raises concerns over nation’s arsenal


North Korea conducted another test of an alleged intercontinental ballistic missile on Wednesday, according to South Korean officials. The latest test came shortly after President Joe Biden finished his first visit to Asia since taking office.

The North reportedly launched the ICBM and two short-range missiles into the sea, their first test in roughly two months.

President Biden committed to defending its Asian allies from a North Korean nuclear threat. In response to the tests, the United Nations Security Council drafted a resolution intended to strengthen sanctions against the nation. The resolution was vetoed by Russia and China, which have been at geopolitical odds with the West.

As of January, North Korea had as many as 50 nuclear warheads, according to the Arms Control Association. By comparison, the U.S. and Russia account for roughly 90% of global warheads.

North Korea claims to have tested the HWASONG-17, or as analysts call it the “Monster Missile,” which can reportedly fly longer and higher than any other missile they have tested. The North claims they have a long-range missile that can reach the U.S.

The nation’s stockpile of chemical weapons is also a concern. It is estimated it has between 2,500 and 5,000 tonnes of chemical weapons, which could be one of the largest on the planet.

Analysts can’t be sure of Pyongyang’s capabilities due to the secretive nature of the nation and its leader.

Mahmoud Bennett: Just hours after President Bidenended his trip to asia – North Korea tested out their ballistic missile system.

Sothe un put forth a resolution to sanction them – but China and Russia shot it down.

It seems that every week we’re hearing another story about a new threat – but what does North Korea’s weapons arsenal actually look like?

As of January, North Korea had a reported 40-50 nuclear warheads. that’s according to the arms control association

In perspective – that number is a tiny fraction of the combined total of the U.S. and Russia which control about 90% of the world’s nuclear warheads.

When it comes to long-range missiles – North Korea says they can reach the u.s.

What they claim to have tested is the HWASONG-17 – something analysts call the ‘Monster Missile’ – which can reportedly fly longer and higher than any other missile the North has ever tested.

And then there’s chemical weapons – estimates say the north could have between 2500 to 5000 tonnes of it. potentially one of the largest stockpiles in the world.

While Pyongyang’s weaponry has grown a lot in recent years – secrecy is on their side and makes it hard to assess the full power of North Korea.