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Rocky Mountain Republic? Poll shows how many Americans want to start their own country

Jul 19, 2021


Should the South secede from the Union? In 1861, Southerners said yes. Now, a new poll says some Southerners would say yes again today.

According to the poll, by YouGov and Bright Line Watch, 2/3 of Southern Republicans polled say they support secession.

The pollsters asked people if they would support their region forming its own country.

Along with Southern Republicans, 43% of mountain region Republicans also support secession.

It isn’t just Republicans in favor of it. Almost half of Democrats in the Pacific region indicated support for secession.

Bright Line Watch says these numbers are similar to polling conducted following the January insurrection at the Capitol; but now, support for secession has grown.

The pollsters wrote, “By this summer, we anticipated, political tempers may have cooled — not necessarily as a result of any great reconciliation but perhaps from sheer exhaustion after the relentless drama of Trump.”

They continued, “the broad and increasing willingness of respondents to embrace these alternatives is a cause for concern.”


Annie Andersen: Here’s a thought:

Is America too big?

Too many competing interests?

Too many different values?

Why not downsize?  

A new YouGov and Bright Line Watch poll asked people if they would like their region to break away from the rest of the country— be part of a smaller country where people are more or less on the same page.   

Here’s what they found:

A whopping two thirds of Southern Republicans say they would like to secede from the Union. 

But also 43% of Mountain region Republicans said yes  – let’s create our own Rocky Mountain Republic  

And it isn’t just Republicans. Almost half of all West Coast Democrats said they’d like to leave the union. 

Can you imagine needing  a passport to visit California?!?

These numbers are similar to polling from just after the January insurrection, but there’s actually more support for secession in all parts of the county, and among most political groups. 

Don’t expect two Americas anytime soon.

YouGov says this polling is just initial reactions on an issue that most people haven’t considered before.  

What do you think?

Do you think the US is too big?

Should we split apart?  

Let us know in the comments below. 


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