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Sen. Ben Ray Luján expected to make a full recovery following stroke

Feb 02, 2022


Sen. Ben Ray Luján (D-NM) is expected to make a full recovery following a stroke he suffered Jan. 27. Luján’s team made the announcement Wednesday afternoon.

The Democrat from New Mexico was in his home state when he started to feel dizzy and tired.

“He checked himself into Christus St. Vincent Regional Hospital in Santa Fe. He was then transferred to UNM Hospital in Albuquerque for further evaluation,” his office said in a statement.

According to his Senate office, Luján suffered a stroke in the cerebellum, which affected his balance. Luján had a decompressive surgery to ease the swelling as part of his treatment plan.

Luján is expected to make a full recovery, but no timeline has been given of when he may return to Capitol Hill.

“Our thoughts, our prayers, and out most fervent well wishes go out to Ben Ray and his family,” Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said on the Senate floor following the news of Luján’s stroke.

Tributes are pouring in following the news that New Mexico senator Ben Ray Luján had a stroke. 

TAKE SOT- Chuck Schumer

<<”Our thoughts, our prayers, and out most fervent well wishes go out to Ben Ray and his family.”>>

Annie Andersen

Luján’s team made the announcement Wednesday, saying the 49-year-old went to the hospital last Thursday feeling dizzy and tired. 

Luján’s office says the democratic senator is expected to make a full recovery.. But that could take months. 

The last time a sitting senator had a stroke.. He was gone for almost a full year. 

Luján’s stroke was a different kind, but there still isn’t a time table of when he might return to Capitol Hill.

And that might be a big deal.

Here’s why.

Unlike the house, The senate doesn’t have proxy have to be there to vote. 

And right now the senate is an even split.. 

Which means Vice President Kamala Harris is the tie breaker.. 

Kamala Harris <<”The senate being equally divided, the vice president votes in the affirmative and the motion to proceed is agreed to.”>>

Annie Andersen: But with Luján out.. Democrats are down one vote. 

Right now, two Republicans are quarantining with covid, but they should both be back to work next week. 

That means.. For the next few days Schumer has a majority… but after that not so much.

And that means.. Democrats can only pass legislation that has Republican support.. 

Which I mean.. Is how the senate was intended to work, but let’s be serious… it’s pretty partisan now. 

This also means it’s likely Biden won’t have a lot to tout during his State of the Union Address..

Progressives had wanted to finish a scaled down build back better by then.. 

But without Luján’s vote, that’s unlikely… 

And Luján’s absence could have an impact on judicial confirmations… 

including the upcoming supreme court confirmation… because those only need a simple majority to pass.. 

But without Luján, Democrats will need to pull over at least one Republican. 

Straight from DC, I’m AA


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