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Vance beats Ryan in Ohio Senate race

Nov 08, 2022


Self described “political outsider” J.D. Vance, R, is in as Ohio’s next senator. Vance defeated Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan, who was trying to jump from the House to the Senate and flip the seat from the GOP column.

In a battleground state like Ohio, Ryan distanced himself from unpopular stances in the Democratic Party and declined to have President Joe Biden campaign with him. In fact, Ryan went so far as to say the national party has never been good at strategic policy decisions. 

“Thank God that I have enough experience that I’ve built this campaign not needing them, and we really don’t want them at this point,” Ryan said on CNN. 

Vance meanwhile fully embraced the Republican Party. He was endorsed by former President Donald Trump and received help from GOP Sens. Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham. 

Inflation was the top issue for Ohio voters. Ryan wanted to pass a tax cut, which he said would put more money in Americans’ pockets. Vance also said a tax cut would be appropriate but added Democrats deserve a lot of the blame for inflation because they’ve spent too much government money. 

On crime, Ryan said cities need to hire more cops and invest in police training. Vance said Mexican drug cartels are one of the biggest threats to public safety. He suggested declaring them terrorist organizations and finishing the wall on the southern border. 

Vance is a marine, graduate of Yale Law school, and author of the book “Hillbilly Elegy,” which was adapted into a Netflix movie. Ryan is also an attorney and has served 10 terms in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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