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Let’s keep our freedoms by stopping the Build Back Better Act

Dec 06, 2021


Democrats are cheering the Build Back Better Act as a promise to lower prescription drug prices, fight climate change, fund universal pre-k, and more. You don’t have to dig too deep to realize this bill is all about big government getting bigger and taking control of our lives.

Do these lawmakers think we can’t make our own decisions? They’d rather we become dependent on substandard government programs than stand on our own in a free society. The House passed this bill just before Thanksgiving; now, we must all work together to ensure it meets its demise in the Senate.

Well, there’s a whole lot of celebrating going on here in Washington, D.C. with the Democrats, they’re celebrating that they’re taking the entire country into this massive welfare state, big government. 

Yeah, they’re celebrating. 

We’re going into a season of celebration, but not for big government to take over every aspect of our lives. 

We’re going to a season a celebration to actually talk about personal responsibility and be thankful for freedom, for liberty, to think about our lives individually and about our families and our children and our grandchildren.

But no, not with the Democrats. They’ve just passed their B-B-B in the House. 

The Build Back Better Act has a whole lot of handouts for everyone. 

You know, I used to live on welfare, so I really think that’s why I’m so angry about this one is because I already know the damage. I know the rules don’t work. Don’t save, don’t get married, we’ll keep you enslaved on Uncle Sam’s plantation.

I know what happens when you get government doing everything for you, from educating your children at a very, very, very young age. 

I had the whole child care, daycare stuff going on all the way to don’t worry about all your medical expenses, we’ll take care of that, too. 

And it’s all substandard to what the private sector offers. It’s all substandard to what America is really about an American dream. I mean, I’m so glad I had a Christian conversion that changed my life to get back into school, to get a college degree, to be able to start a business, and business owners look at life really differently from how Congress looks at spending other people’s money.

Business people have to be responsible by the money.

Congress just goes out and decides that they’re just going to take from one, give to the other, and they’re going to make sure that the ones they give to are the ones that don’t really need to be living on welfare. 

What we need are governmental barriers removed, not more. 

I’m hoping this dies in the Senate. I’m hoping that you’ll be a part of it dying in the Senate. This is not something that’s going to be good for America. 

They can go out and pretend that it’s good for America and all the areas, but notice what they’re saying. 

Government bureaucrats will educate your children from three years old, government bureaucrats who run everything about your health care. Government bureaucrats will decide who gets what business contracts and they better be in union shops, government, government, government. 

Ronald Reagan had it right when he said the answer to poverty is freedom and personal responsibility, not a welfare state. 

And he also had it right when he said the government’s a problem, not the solution. 

So I hope we’ll keep fighting. I hope that everybody will be infused during the celebration and holiday season upon us to say we need to keep our country free. 

We need to do everything we can to keep our country free. 

We need to call our senators and make sure that they do not pass this Build Back Better act because the Build Back Better act is building back big government, making sure that everything that we did in the 90s to change welfare for the really impoverished that we’re going to do for the suburban that we’re going to do for everybody else in the country. 

This is not a good idea to run the gig business out, to run independent contractors out, to run everything private underground and make sure that then the government controls absolutely every area of our life. That’s just not American, it’s just not. So what we’re going to do is just keep working together, keep our energy up, keep our faith up and keep pounding for we the people, freedom, personal responsibility. That’s the answer right there with our family, our friends, we can make that difference. 

So I’m hoping that you’ll join with me here in Washington, D.C. to make our voices heard against those that are just trying to change our reality because they think that government bureaucrats know much better about how to control your life than you do.

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