Straight Arrow News gains additional unbiased news award

Straight Arrow News achieves AllSides’ Certified Balanced Award as the first media outlet to meet AllSides’ strict criteria for unbiased news coverage.

OMAHA, Neb., Sept. 14, 2023 — Straight Arrow News (SAN) has become the first news organization to be awarded Certified Balanced status by AllSides, a leading media bias rating service. AllSides provides this award only to media outlets that have undergone its robust, independent bias audit while meeting strict criteria for unbiased news. The AllSides Media Bias Audit™, which included reviewers from across the nation and political spectrum, rated Straight Arrow News as “Center.”

The AllSides Balance Certification™ award signifies that Straight Arrow News’ reporting is substantially free from partisan political bias or equally balances left, center, and right perspectives. An AllSides audit includes Blind Bias Surveys and Editorial Reviews by an expert, multi-partisan panel of AllSides reviewers trained to spot bias. The 698-person survey and panel review, both comprised of Democrats, Independents, and Republicans across the US, concluded SAN’s overall bias rating was “Center.”

“This accolade is another affirmation of Straight Arrow News’ dedication to providing original reporting that is both unbiased and accurate,” stated Taylor Davis, Chief Product Officer of SAN. “This AllSides award, plus our recent Ad Fontes Media Rating (another leading media bias rating service) of ‘balanced’ and ‘reliable,’ provides independent validation that the SAN team is staying true to our mission of delivering unbiased, straight facts.”

Mr. Davis added, “Straight Arrow News offers journalism that transcends political boundaries and promotes constructive dialogue. SAN is committed to maintaining this high media rating by continuing to deliver reliable, unbiased news coverage today and tomorrow.”

The AllSides bias audit was requested and paid for by Straight Arrow News, but AllSides receives no additional compensation if a news outlet qualifies for Balance Certification. AllSides has rated the bias of over 1,400 media outlets.

“In a landscape of overly slanted, partisan media that has tanked Americans’ trust in news, AllSides is delighted to see Straight Arrow News pursuing the virtuous path of balanced news reporting,” said Julie Mastrine, AllSides Director of Media Bias Ratings. “The bias audit results show Americans clearly detect SAN’s dedication to unbiased reporting.”


Straight Arrow News (SAN) is an emerging, independent digital news outlet with the editorial mission to bridge the national divide through unbiased, fact-based journalism in an environment where media mistrust is at an all-time high.

SAN reports straight down the middle in a fact-based manner avoiding bias, spin, or filter. To reduce filter, SAN empowers its audience with their free Media Miss™ tool. This tool helps consumers discover stories being underreported, or even not reported, by different sides of mainstream media. This gives SAN viewers the most complete picture of the news.

Daily and investigative reports, exclusive interviews, and opinion content can be found on Straight Arrow News’ website at and on the SAN mobile app available on both Android and iOS. More content and real-time coverage can also be followed on SAN’s social media channels.

SAN’s show portfolio includes The Morning Rundown each weekday morning that delivers the most important national and global stories and America Speaks with Dr. Frank Luntz that tracks the nation’s pulse and sparks discussions that reveal the sentiments of American voters in real time.