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Luntz on America in trouble at home and abroad

U.S. in worrisome situation at home and abroad

America’s position as a world leader is clearly fading. During my travels, I’ve seen the reaction to U.S. policy and performance, and we are not making friends. In fact, our relationships with other countries is tattered, perhaps even shredded. After the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, we have real work to do to repair international partnerships, [...]
Frank Luntz Focus Group

What happens when COVID-19 “vaccine hesitant” share their concerns?

We’re putting the COVID-19 vaccine In Focus with world-renowned pollster Dr. Frank Luntz. He used his “Instant Response” technique with a group of Americans who shared their concerns about the injections.  Governor Chris Christie, former C.D.C. Director Tom Frieden, and several members of Congress also participated and shared their perspective. Watch how the conversation unfolds [...]