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Farmers blocked some lanes of traffic in downtown Prague as they protested rising prices and government regulations on Monday, Feb. 19.

Feb 19, 2024

Tractors take over downtown Prague as farmer protests continue in Europe

Farmers in tractors took to the streets of downtown Prague on Monday, Feb. 19, to protest rising energy prices and stringent climate change regulations. Hundreds of Czech farmers drove their tractors into town, blocking some lanes of traffic in the process. One farmer who talked to Reuters said he came out to signal his disapproval…

Two climate activists were arrested for defacing the U.S. Constitution display at the National Archives as they called for climate action.

Feb 16, 2024

Climate protest closes National Archives’ Constitution display for third day

The National Archives Museum, the keeper of America’s many valued historical documents, has been closed for three consecutive day following a protest by two climate activists. The activists, identified as Donald Zepeda and Jackson Green, targeted the U.S. Constitution display with pink powder, leading to charges of defacing and destroying federal property. On Feb. 14,…

In India, protesters have been clashing with officials as tens of thousands of farmers try to make their way to the capital, New Delhi.

Feb 16, 2024

Authorities use tear gas against farmers protesting in India

Tractors have flooded the streets across Europe as farmers continue to protest over a grocery list of complaints, including high production costs. With some protests beginning as early as the spring of 2023 in Europe, more tractors in more countries are trading fields for pavement. In India, protesters are clashing with officials as tens of…

Biden’s pause on LNG export licenses is about winning environmentalist votes and will not seriously impact the energy marketplace.

Feb 14, 2024

Biden’s LNG export pause is no cause for concern

On Jan. 26, the Biden administration announced a temporary pause on the approval of new liquefied natural gas (LNG) export licenses to foreign nations while the U.S. government reviews energy export regulations in compliance with climate change guidelines. Industry CEOs have come out against the pause, while environmentalist groups have supported it. Straight Arrow News…

A pollster looks at how the views of the elite differ from the rest of America, singling out one statistic that should concern all of us.

Feb 07, 2024

Scott Rasmussen’s surveys reveal scary statistics about elites

While conducting his national surveys, pollster Scott Rasmussen noticed that a small group of respondents seemed to have different perspectives on major issues than the rest of Americans. He surmised that this segment of “elites” held views in sharp contrast with the general public, as well as significantly greater wealth and higher levels of education.…

Farmers in France formed a blockade on some of the country's major roadways as part of a protest against government climate policies.

Jan 30, 2024

French farmers block major roadways over gov’t climate change policies

Protests outside Paris continued on Monday, Jan. 29, as farmers demanding lower fuel prices, higher wages, and fewer regulations brought in heavy farm equipment to block major roadways. Combines, tractors, and other large vehicles could be seen rolling into position in protest of government policies farmers say threaten their livelihoods. European leaders contend that the…

Climate activists targeted the Mona Lisa hurling soup at the world famous painting, hoping to get their message heard.

Jan 29, 2024

Climate activists throw soup at ‘Mona Lisa’

Climate activists targeted the “Mona Lisa” with soup, hoping to get their message heard. Videos recorded at the Louvre Museum in Paris on Sunday, Jan. 28, show two protesters hurling the liquid at the famous painting, splashing the armored glass that has protected the piece of art since 2005. Paris police took the two women…

President Joe Biden vows America will respond after three U.S. service members were killed in a drone attack in Jordan on Sunday, Jan. 28.

Jan 29, 2024

Biden: US will respond after 3 troops killed by Iran-backed militia in Jordan: The Morning Rundown, Jan. 29, 2024

President Biden said the U.S. will respond after three troops are killed in an attack in Jordan. And climate activists target one of the most famous paintings in the world. These stories and more highlight The Morning Rundown for Monday, Jan. 29, 2024. Biden says U.S. will respond after 3 troops killed in Jordan President…

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists set the doomsday clock to 90 seconds to midnight for the second year in a row.

Jan 24, 2024

Doomsday Clock set at 90 seconds to midnight for 2nd year

The apocalypse is nearing, at least according to atomic scientists and their Doomsday Clock. On Tuesday, Jan. 23,  the science-oriented nonprofit organization, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, set the Doomsday Clock to 90 seconds to midnight for the second year. This is the closest to the hour of midnight the clock has ever been in…

Former President Trump spoke to his supporters after winning the New Hampshire presidential primary for the third time.

Jan 24, 2024

Trump wins New Hampshire Republican primary: The Morning Rundown, Jan. 24, 2024

With a commanding lead, former President Donald Trump is declared the winner in New Hampshire. And scientists put out a grave warning as the Doomsday Clock nears midnight. These stories and more highlight The Morning Rundown for Wednesday, Jan. 24. Trump wins Republican primary in New Hampshire “Well, I want to thank everybody,” former President…

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