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A fake protest created by a popular TV series on Queens College campus in New York City prompted actual protesters to show up in anger.

How a fake protester encampment spurred actual protesters to show up

A film set created to look like a protester encampment at New York’s Queens College prompted actual protesters to show up on Tuesday, July 23. The mock encampment had been set up by CBS’ “FBI: Most Wanted” and was being filmed as part of an episode for the show’s sixth season, which featured a climate…

New footage exposed security flaws in Trump assassination attempt amidst ongoing investigations into the shooting and the Secret Service.

New footage exposes security lapse in Trump assassination attempt

On July 13, an assassination attempt against former President Donald Trump in a small Pennsylvania town ignited numerous investigations and considerable political fallout. Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley, R, released new footage Tuesday, July 23, from the Beaver County Emergency Services Unit that provides insight into the events leading up to and following the attack by…

Meta says it shut down 63,000 accounts linked to sextortion scams.

Meta removes 63,000 accounts linked to sextortion scams

Facebook and Instagram’s parent company, Meta, said it recently removed thousands of accounts linked to sextortion scams. Those scams involve online predators posing as someone they are not to lure a person into sending sexual photos or videos of themselves, only to use them as blackmail unless the person pays them or gives them banking information. …

House Homeland Security Chair Green said former Secret Service Director Cheatle made false statements to him the assassination investigation.

Cheatle made false statements about FBI’s assassination investigation: Green

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mark Green, R-Tenn., said former Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle made false statements to him about the FBI’s investigation into the assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump. According to Green, Cheatle told him the FBI was prohibiting her from talking to her own people because of the ongoing investigation. When…

Who failed to protect former President Donald Trump from an assassination attempt at a recent rally in Pennsylvania?

‘Deep State’ failed to protect Trump

The stated mission of the United States Secret Service is to “ensure the safety and security of our protectees.” However, on July 13 in Butler, Pennsylvania, the Secret Service allowed a lone would-be assassin to fire a shot at former President Donald Trump, grazing his ear with a bullet. Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle resigned…

A Trump-Vance White House could mean changes in the way the U.S. supports its allies, impacting both the wars in Ukraine and Gaza.

What a Trump-Vance White House could mean for Ukraine, Israel

In November, Americans will decide who will lead the United States for the next four years. The decision will have a huge impact on the world stage, including current and potential wars like Ukraine, Gaza and even the Indo-Pacific. “It is important to remember that, you know, there are serious, destructive forces out there,” David…

New reports indicate Thomas Matthew Crooks' parents called police before the attempted assassination of former President Trump.

Parents of Trump shooting suspect called police before shooting: Report

The parents of the man who attempted to assassinate former President Donald Trump were allegedly looking for the 20-year-old and called police in the hours leading up to the shooting. According to a report by Fox News, Thomas Matthew Crooks’ parents told law enforcement their son was missing and they were “worried.” Meanwhile, NBC News…

A second man charged in connection with two substation attacks in Oregon has pleaded not guilty to the federal charges.

Second man charged in 2022 Oregon substation attack pleads not guilty

The second of two Washington men charged with attacking and damaging two Oregon electrical substations in November 2022 pleaded not guilty to the crime on Tuesday, July 16. Zachary Rosenthal faces three counts of damaging the energy facilities. Authorities said that Rosenthal and Nathaniel Cheney, both from Washington state, vandalized two electrical substations in Oregon…

A former CIA analyst has been indicted on charges of allegedly acting as an agent for South Korea in exchange for gifts.

US charges former CIA analyst of acting as an agent for South Korea

A former United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) analyst has been indicted on charges accusing her of acting as a secret South Korean agent in exchange for lavish gifts. The indictment — issued by the United States government on Tuesday, July 16 — said that Sue Mi Terry, who worked for the CIA and White…

Former President Donald Trump will be reelected and restore America to its more conservative and patriotic roots.

Republican nominee Trump will reenergize the country

In one week, former President Donald Trump survived an assassination attempt, selected a vice presidential running mate and become the official Republican nominee for president. Trump is ramping up his campaign to challenge his likely opponent, incumbent President Joe Biden, in November. Watch the video above as Straight Arrow News contributor Newt Gingrich celebrates Trump,…

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