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Last year, Texas lawmakers passed a bill that required armed officers in every school. Nine months later, research shows that isn't the case.

Survey: Texas promised armed guards at every school, most don’t have them

In 2022, a mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, killed 19 kids and two teachers. State lawmakers said they were committed to never letting it happen again. Last year, the Texas Legislature passed a law that in part required an armed officer at every public school in the state. On Thursday, June…

In a bipartisan vote, the Armed Services Committee approved a pay raise for junior enlisted troops, now it faces White House opposition.

19.5% pay raise for junior enlisted troops faces White House opposition

A bipartisan push in Congress that aims to provide junior enlisted troops with a 19.5% pay raise is facing a significant obstacle: the White House. The proposal, which supplements the 4.5% raise requested by President Joe Biden in his budget, would grant junior enlisted troops an additional 15% pay increase. The estimated cost of this…

Gaps between public perception and reality on issues ranging from gun rights to the economy might threaten Biden’s chances at reelection.

Biden’s achievements undermined by growing perception gaps

Violent crime rates have declined since the early 1990s, and yet twice as many Americans today say that they expect violent crimes to increase in the years ahead as opposed to decreasing. The number of Americans who say that violent crime is increasing has gone up among both Republicans and Democrats, revealing a growing discrepancy…

Attorney General Merrick Garland says House has "turned a serious congressional authority into a partisan weapon" after contempt vote. The Morning Rundown™

Attorney General Merrick Garland held in contempt of Congress

The head of the Department of Justice, Attorney General Merrick Garland, held in contempt of Congress. And “life-threatening” flooding in south Florida as more torrential rain is expected Thursday. These stories and more highlight The Morning Rundown for Thursday, June 13, 2024. Attorney General Merrick Garland held in contempt of Congress In an effort led…

There's a single, subtle change in the Federal Reserve's latest comments on inflation. Here's what it means for future rate cuts.

Federal Reserve teased a ‘glimmer of hope’ in its comments on inflation

There’s a single, subtle change in the Federal Reserve’s latest comments on inflation. In May, the Federal Open Market Committee said there had been a “lack of further progress” toward its 2% inflation target. On Wednesday, June 12, hours after the latest inflation report became public, the committee changed the phrase to note “modest further…

Inflation is going to be a key determining factor for many Americans voting in November, and it's a trap President Biden cannot escape.

‘Bidenflation’ will be the top concern for voters in November

The United States has one of the lowest inflation rates in the world today. The latest U.S. Consumer Price Index Summary, released on Wednesday, June 12, showed that inflation cooled slightly more in May, increasing by only 3.3% year over year, compared to the 3.4% expected by economists. While this is all good news for…

Since President Joe Biden assumed office nearly four years ago, oil and gas companies experienced record profits and production levels.

Big Oil sees record profits under Biden, Trump promises to take them higher

Since President Joe Biden assumed office three and a half years ago, oil and gas companies experienced unprecedented profits and production levels. Between 2021 and 2023, the industry amassed over $250 billion, a 160% increase compared to the first three years of former President Donald Trump’s administration. This surge in profits is not necessarily attributable…

In the wake of the European Parliament elections, French President Emmanuel Macron called for a snap election. Here's what that means.

Macron calls for snap election after EU ‘drubbing.’ What does it mean?

Over the last several days, hundreds of thousands of people across the European Union’s 27 nations voted in the European Parliament elections. While centrists remain in the majority, far-right parties from throughout the bloc made inroads picking up a record number of seats. The European Parliament is the legislative body for the 27 member states…

The American job market faces cuts amid economic fluctuations, with John Deere laying off workers and tech companies announcing reductions.

Job cuts and economic trends: A snapshot of the American job market

In the last year, American corporation John Deere has laid off nearly 1,000 workers and it announced 650 job cuts on Wednesday, June 5. The manufacturing tractor company also plans to send more work to Mexico. John Deere’s profits dropped by more than $6 billion from this time in 2023, with economists pointing to slower…

Polling shows presidential candidates Trump and Biden in a tight race, with even Trump's guilty conviction not affecting their standings.

Making the case for both Biden and Trump

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are essentially tied nationally and in some key battleground states. A recent poll found that Trump has 50% support nationally among likely voters, while Biden has 49%. The poll indicates that the recent Trump guilty verdict in the hush money case is not significantly influencing voters; instead,…

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