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Ukraine downed the second Russian SU-25 in five days as the Kremlin's war casualties and spending increases.

Ukraine downs Russian aircraft as Kremlin’s casualties mount

New video shows Ukrainian forces downing another Russian SU-25 attack aircraft. This is the second fighter downed in a five-day span in the Donetsk region. The 110th Separate Mechanized Brigade posted the video of the assault on Telegram. This incident is just the latest in a series of serious setbacks for Russia’s forces, which have…

A federal judge has tossed out a defamation lawsuit against Fox News.

Judge tosses Fox News lawsuit brought by Nina Jankowicz

A federal judge has thrown out a defamation lawsuit against Fox News by a U.S. government official who served on the Biden administration’s short-lived media disinformation board. Nina Jankowicz sued Fox News, saying the outlet defamed her on multiple occasions and caused her to receive online attacks and threats of violence. In rejecting the lawsuit,…

Tesla's Optimus humanoid robot project faces delays and skepticism despite rolling out functional prototypes.

Musk says Tesla will be using humanoid robots by next year

Tesla’s Optimus humanoid robot project, spearheaded by CEO Elon Musk, faces delays and skepticism despite making significant progress from its theatrical debut to functional prototypes. On Monday, July 21, Musk announced widespread implementation of the Optimus robots would be delayed again, at least until the end of 2024. Tesla shareholders responded to the delay with…

Russia said its warplanes intercepted two U.S. bombers near its border over the Barents Sea in the Arctic.

Russia claims warplanes intercepted 2 US bombers in the Arctic

Russia said two of its warplanes intercepted two U.S. military bombers that got near the Russian border over the Barents Sea in the Arctic. Russia’s Defense Ministry said its military identified the U.S. planes as B-52H strategic bombers. The ministry said when the Russian fighter jets approached, the bombers “adjusted their flight course.” The U.S. military often…

After his closed-door trial, a Russian judge sentenced American Journalist Evan Gershkovich to 16 years in a maximum security penal colony.

Russia sentences US journalist Evan Gershkovich to 16 years in penal colony

A Russian judge sentenced Evan Gershkovich, an American reporter jailed in Russia and charged with spying on a tank factory, to 16 years in a maximum security penal colony. The 32-year-old journalist’s sentence came down on Friday, July 19, after a fast, closed-door trial. Gershkovich was working in Russia for The Wall Street Journal when…

A Trump-Vance White House could mean changes in the way the U.S. supports its allies, impacting both the wars in Ukraine and Gaza.

What a Trump-Vance White House could mean for Ukraine, Israel

In November, Americans will decide who will lead the United States for the next four years. The decision will have a huge impact on the world stage, including current and potential wars like Ukraine, Gaza and even the Indo-Pacific. “It is important to remember that, you know, there are serious, destructive forces out there,” David…

NASA announced that it has scrapped plans to put a rover on the moon to look for ice deposits, citing budget constraints and launch failures.

NASA cancels moon rover mission after spending $450 million on development

After spending $450 million to build a water-seeking moon rover, NASA announced on Wednesday, July 17, it is scrapping the mission because of increased costs and launch delays. The agency said that the move will save it an estimated $84 million in developmental costs. NASA said that the decision to cancel the mission was purely…

Russia may deploy nuclear-equipped systems in response to the U.S. sending weapons deploying missiles in Germany.

Russia says it may deploy nuclear missiles in response to US weapons in Germany

Russia is considering beginning new deployments of nuclear missiles following the planned U.S. stationing of long-range conventional weapons in Germany, according to Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov who was quoted debating this on Thursday, July 18. Ryabkov said that every potential response is on the table and refused to rule out deploying nuclear missiles in…

Ukraine is destroying a lot of Russia's modern tanks. So, the Kremlin is using a lot of older armor, as well as motorcycles and ATVs.

Russia using relic tanks, motorcycles, ATVs to attack Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin thinks his country’s T-90M main battle tank is the best in the world. So, he’s probably a little irked Ukraine has destroyed at least 100 of them so far during the war. According to an analysis of open-source materials — information and data posted online for everyone to see — no…

In a statement, the Kremlin said that Russia gained few tangible benefits during Trump's presidency but communication was better.

Kremlin says Trump presidency was bad for Russia, but communication was better

In recent statements from the Kremlin on July 17, spokesperson Dmitry Peskov expressed mixed sentiments regarding the presidency of Donald Trump and its impact on Russia. Peskov said that during Trump’s tenure, there was an open line of communication between the United States and Russia, which was viewed positively by Moscow. However, he pointed out…

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