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Chris Childs

Director of Technical Operations

Chris is the Director of Technical Operations overseeing all technical phases of production at Straight Arrow News. He designed and oversaw the buildout and implementation of the Straight Arrow News studio and control room.


Growing up in the broadcasting industry watching his dad work in radio and television, Chris decided it was a cool career. Starting as Texas’ youngest Disc Jockey at 11, then graduating to a cameraman at 13, he confirmed it was cool. Now, 40 years later, he has been a part of hundreds of productions for various networks including ESPN, ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox. In 2011 he became the Technical Director for The Glenn Beck Show at The Blaze. By the time he left The Blaze, he had added ‘Director of Studio Operations’ to his repertoire. He then spent three years as the Director of Production for Newsmax in NYC and FL. He still thinks this is a cool career.


Chris has been married for 30 years and has two great kids: one in the Air Force who is training to become a pilot and one at Universal Studios in Florida. He spends his time off in front of his large smoker (Gandalf) smoking briskets, ribs, and whatever else he can throw into the chamber.

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