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From the field to the Floor, the Senate’s Vote-A-Rama delivers viral moments

Aug 12, 2021


Senators stayed on the Senate Floor into the early hours of Wednesday during what is called a vote-a-rama.

During these events, Members can introduce off-topic amendments, and that led to some moments that have now gone viral, including one exchange between Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) and Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ).

Vote a ramas can go all night long, and sometime senators get a little punchy during them. .

Votes during the vote a rama aren’t binding… we’ll get into that another time… but they can be important because depending on votes go.. It could be pure campaign ammunition for your opponent. 

But last night New Jersey Democrat, Senator Cory Booker got all New Jersey on his Republican colleague, Senator Tommy Tuberville and wasn’t having any of that. 


Here’s what happened.


Tuberville from Alabama introduced an amendment to punish places that decide to defund police.


So then Booker, knowing if any Democrats voted against this bill it would be used against all democrats in coming elections said pretty much, oh heck no.


Booker said quote “this is a gift” and said this is the chance to show the public that no Senate Democrat wants to defund the police. 


We already know from recently released ads, saying democrats want to defund the police is going to be a campaign tactic for republicans. 


Tuberville’s amendment passed 99 to zero


So that’s what happened if you’re wondering why Cory Booker and Tommy Tuberville are trending.  


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