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Opinion: GOP prospects for 2022 midterms grow as Democrats implode

Nov 02, 2021


The warring factions within the Democratic Party are not just jeopardizing President Biden’s dreams of passing his bloated $3.5 trillion legislation; they’re setting up the party for a huge loss in next year’s midterm elections.

First-term presidents are almost assured of costing their party House seats during the first midterm elections of their presidency. Obama lost a whopping 63 House seats in 2010. Republicans only need to win five seats in 2022 to regain control of the House, and the liberals are making it an easy choice for progressive Democrat voters.

Republicans should just sit back and watch as the Dems fight amongst themselves. After all, history is on the GOP’s side.

2022 could be a very big year for the GOP.

Going back to the first term of President Franklin D Roosevelt, the party of a first term president gained seats in the House in his first mid-term congressional elections only twice.

Karl Rove reminded readers a few months ago in his Wall Street Journal column that, since World War II, the average loss of House seats of the party of each first term president in congressional mid-terms is 28.

The largest loss was 63 seats in the first-midterm elections in Barack Obama’s first term.  This was after Democrats rammed through Obamacare without a single Republican vote.  

Given that Republicans need to pick up only 5 seats in 2022 to regain control of the House, Democrats who retain any sense of reality are concerned by the political atmosphere being created by their $3.5 trillion welfare state/green new deal spending blowout.

But the very idea that there is something called “reality” is now politically incorrect in today’s woke dominated Democratic Party.   

The sway of Democrat “moderates” – that is, those that have not totally detached from reality- like Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema is in question now that the on-again, off-again passage of the infrastructure bill is dependent on the massive welfare state bill due to the aggression of their party’s progressive wing. 

The strategy of crazy left wing House Democrats, pushing their welfare state/trap the children of the middle class under government control spending bill, are keeping their threat on the table in DC while their supporters are terrorizing Senators in their districts: If you want roads and bridges, sign off on their Human Infrastructure socialist dream.

And President Biden has put his presidential seal on that far-left wing of his party.

But there is hope.

New Gallup polling is showing record-low trust in government. The heartland is speaking up.

Trust in federal government handling of international problems now stands at 39%, and trust in federal government handling of domestic problems now also stands at 39%.

Earlier this year Gallup polling showed satisfaction with the country plunging to 39% compared to 53% in 2020.  Satisfaction with overall quality of life was 67%, down from 84% in 2020, with opportunity to get ahead due to hard work at 58% down from 72%.

And worse, the moral and ethical climate registered at 18%, down from 32% in 2020.

Given how Democrats are running our government, and the frustration in the heartland, 2022 could be a very big year for Republicans.

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