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President Biden is in Europe this week for the annual NATO summit, which he says Ukraine is not ready to join. The Morning Rundown™

Ukraine NATO membership on agenda at summit: July 10 rundown

President Joe Biden is set to discuss Ukraine’s potential NATO membership with world leaders at the annual NATO summit this week, and the FDA may take a second-look at a popular energy drink on the market. These stories and more highlight the rundown for Monday, July 10, 2023.  Biden to meet with King Charles ahead…

Sweden wants to join NATO, but entry requires unanimous consent among member countries. Turkey and Hungary are holding out.

Sweden wants to join NATO but Turkey, Hungary still say ‘no’

Sweden wants to join NATO. Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Billstrom said his country met its obligations under an agreement with Turkey to join the military alliance and it’s time for Turkey’s Parliament to begin the ratification process. When he invaded Ukraine last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin said one of his goals was to prevent…

Germany is preparing to host the largest air deployment exercise in NATO and European history, Air Defender 23.

Largest-ever NATO air exercises set to launch

In diplomatic matters, President Teddy Roosevelt used to say, “Speak softly, but carry a big stick.” Well, the world is about to see just how big a stick NATO’s combined air forces really are. Germany is preparing to host the largest ever air deployment exercise in NATO and European history. Air Defender 23 runs from…

As an alliance in the Pacific region grows, Australia wants to partner with the U.S. to field a fleet of flying MQ-28 Ghost Bat drones.

Australia wants to build a cauldron of Ghost Bat drones with US

The formation of a NATO-like alliance in the Pacific region continues to pick up steam. In the latest chapter, Australia wants to partner with the United States to field a fleet of flying MQ-28 Ghost Bat drones. The Ghost Bats are the first drones developed by Boeing Australia, and will be the first Australian-made attack…

For the first time in decades, central and western European countries are building an alliance against a common enemy: Russia.

An anti-Russian alliance is forming across Europe

Nothing unites countries more than a common enemy. And that’s what’s going on in central and western Europe now. Russia’s brutal tactics in Ukraine are forcing leaders everywhere to take sides. Germany is finally sending in tanks, and so are Spain and Portugal. Even Finland, with its history of independence, has joined NATO to shore…

The Ukraine War convinced Finland it needed the backing of NATO to protect against a potential invasion by Russian forces in the near future.

Why Finland joining NATO is a major setback for Russia

The addition of Finland as the 31st member country of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) doubles the alliance’s border in northeastern Europe and provides a significant setback to Russia and Vladimir Putin. During the ceremony in Brussels on April 4 that officially welcomed Finland into the NATO ranks, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken…

Finland will become an official member of NATO nearly a year after it first applied following Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The Morning Rundown™

Finland joins NATO, doubling presence along Russia’s border: April 4 rundown

Finland is set to become the newest member of NATO today, doubling NATO’s presence along Russia’s borders. It is election day in Chicago, as two Democratic candidates are in a run-off for Chicago mayor. These stories and more highlight the daily rundown for Tuesday, April 4, 2023.  Finland joins NATO as 31st member Finland will…

Finland has started constructing a fence along its border with Russia as it accelerates its bid to join the NATO alliance for protection.

Finland begins building a fence along its border with Russia

Finland has begun constructing a 124-mile fence along the country’s 800-mile border with Russia, in an effort to boost security. The move comes as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine enters its second year and reports of Russians fleeing the military draft continue. Some in the Nordic nation have expressed concerns of Russian threats, as the invasion…

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency greenlit two concept designs for a new seaplane as part of the Liberty Lifter Program.

DARPA approves development of the new Liberty Lifter ‘flying boat’

If the United States and China go to war, getting U.S. troops and equipment into theater quickly could mean the difference between victory and defeat. Ships are slow and planes typically need runways to land, which are in short supply on remote islands. Simply put, the military needs a new way to transport. Enter the…

Most of the drones Russia is using in Ukraine are made in Iran, but most of the components inside those drones are made in America.

Russian drones, made in Iran, contain US-made parts

Most of the drones Russia is using in its war against Ukraine are made in Iran. Most of the components inside those drones, however, are made in America. In November, the UK-based group Conflict Armament Research examined several drones downed by the Ukrainian military. They found more than 80% of the drone parts were manufactured…

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