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The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is more powerful and more necessary today than it has ever been before.

NATO is stronger now than ever before

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has been called the most powerful military alliance in world history, and serves as the bedrock of military security for Europeans, Americans and allied populations around the globe. The importance of the alliance has been reiterated by recent events, namely Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and increasing threats from China.…

Japan needs to overcome its pacifist culture to face resurgent military threats and to play a meaningful role in Western alliances.

Japan must confront reality of military threats

The United States and Japan have been friendly since the aftermath of World War II, after which the U.S. committed around $38 billion (in 2024 dollars) to help rebuild its former enemy. Today, especially in light of the growing military threat from neighboring China, Japan is increasingly aligned with Western security alliances like AUKUS and…

Russia is deploying a nuclear-capable missile brigade near the Finnish border, stoking fears of a wider regional conflict.

How Russia’s nuclear-capable missiles are causing growing concerns for NATO

Tensions are rising between Russia and NATO countries as Moscow forms an Iskander missile brigade near Finland’s border. As a result, Poland is considering allowing NATO allies to deploy nuclear weapons to its soil in response to Russian threats on Monday, April 22. The Iskander-M ballistic missiles deployed in Russia’s border adjacent to Finland —…

After a U.S. official raised the alarm on a potential Russian space-based nuclear threat, many questioned: What if Russia made space nukes?

How credible is a Russian space-based nuclear threat?

Back in February, Rep. Michael Turner, R-Ohio, caught the attention of the public when he indicated Russia was moving toward making a space-based nuclear weapon. Russia denied the claim, dismissing the statements as a ploy to pressure Russia into an arms deal with the West. The mere idea, though, caused some to wonder, “What if…

The details of a proposed plan to release hostages and pause the fighting in Gaza have been unveiled. And — a historic donation allows students at one medical school to attend tuition-free. These stories and more highlight The Morning Rundown for Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2024. The Morning Rundown™

Biden hopes for Gaza pause by next week as Hamas reviews deal: The Morning Rundown, Feb. 27, 2024

The details of a proposed plan to release hostages and pause the fighting in Gaza have been unveiled. And — a historic donation allows students at one medical school to attend tuition-free. These stories and more highlight The Morning Rundown for Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2024. Hamas considers 40-day cease-fire as Biden addresses war pause New…

NATO is about to gain its strongest new member since the 1950s, and Sweden’s power will only continue to grow from there.

Sweden finally within sight of joining NATO

Sweden has been trying to join NATO for almost two years now, following Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. Turkey and Hungary had been stalling that process, preventing Sweden from joining the Western military alliance. But recent public signals of approval from both Turkey and Hungary suggest a positive shift, indicating that the…

What happens if Trump pulls the U.S. out of NATO while the Russians are on the prowl in Europe? A lot more nuclear weapons, for one thing.

Will Europe go nuclear if US quits NATO?

The NATO alliance secured almost a century of peace on the European continent, with the exception of smaller conflicts and minor wars, until Russia invaded Ukraine in Feb. 2022. This was one of the longest stretches of continuous peace in recorded European history. Yet American isolationist instincts are resurfacing, just as they did before World…

Donald Trump made remarks critical of some members of NATO. The comments are sparking some backlash, while others come to his defense.

Trump’s comments about Russia and NATO spark controversy

Donald Trump made remarks on Saturday, Feb. 10, about NATO that criticized some members at a campaign rally in South Carolina. The former president has often described NATO as a flawed international partnership, accusing some countries of not pulling their financial weight in the alliance, and the U.S. having to overcompensate. During his political rally,…

NATO is starting the largest exercise since the Cold War, focusing much of its attention on its eastern flank facing Russia.

Largest NATO exercises since Cold War underway

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s largest exercise since the Cold War is underway, with more than 90,000 troops participating. These defensive exercises are based on fictitious scenarios referencing Article 5, or the principle that an attack on one NATO member is an attack on all of NATO. The Steadfast Defender 2024 exercise has been on…

Former President Trump spoke to his supporters after winning the New Hampshire presidential primary for the third time. The Morning Rundown™

Trump wins New Hampshire Republican primary: The Morning Rundown, Jan. 24, 2024

With a commanding lead, former President Donald Trump is declared the winner in New Hampshire. And scientists put out a grave warning as the Doomsday Clock nears midnight. These stories and more highlight The Morning Rundown for Wednesday, Jan. 24. Trump wins Republican primary in New Hampshire “Well, I want to thank everybody,” former President…