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Every four years, the Summer Olympics takes a city by storm. But the path to the opening ceremony can be littered with bribery and scandal.

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Paris 2024: Behind the Olympic spectacle lies a history of corruption

Former President Donald Trump has proposed a 10% tariff on all imported goods and no taxes on tipped income. But experts warn of downsides.

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Trump floats more tariffs and eliminating taxes on tips. Here’s the price tag.

Meme stock master Roaring Kitty shared on Reddit his huge stake in his favorite stock, GameStop, pushing the retailer's share price way up.

Roaring Kitty

Roaring Kitty rockets GameStop stock with post revealing $116 million stake

GameStop's stock went through the roof after meme-stock icon Keith Gill, aka Roaring Kitty, made his first public post in nearly three years.

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GameStop stock roars back on Monday with help from Roaring Kitty posts

TikTok and ByteDance are suing to block the looming TikTok ban, claiming the law violates the U.S. Constitution.

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TikTok and ByteDance fight back, sue US government over potential ban

Filing taxes is an annual headache, thanks to complexities in the U.S. tax code. Does the "best tax code in the world" have the answer?

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Dread filing taxes? Here’s why it’s so complicated and expensive.

Video game industry layoffs this year are approaching 2023 levels after just two months. Will the deep cuts continue?

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Blame game: What’s causing massive layoffs in video games amid record year?

As young people question the time-honored tradition of diamond engagement rings, lab-grown stones are upending the diamond industry.

Lab-grown versus natural diamonds: Which one is the real deal?

As Facebook celebrates turning 20, here's how the former college "it network" gained a reputation for being uncool and for baby boomers.

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Why does Gen Z hate Facebook? Social network turns 20 with shrinking teen use

WWE and Netflix are stepping in the ring together for a 10-year streaming deal for WWE's flagship television show, "Raw."

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WWE and Netflix join forces for $5 billion, a tag-team blow to linear TV

Movie studios shell out big money to get films considered for an Oscar and other awards. Here's a peek behind the curtain of these campaigns.

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How to score an Oscar nomination: The multimillion-dollar awards campaigns

Here's an indisputable truth about Vivek Ramaswamy: He put his money where his mouth is. Here's how much he spent to run for president.


How much of his own money did Vivek Ramaswamy spend on presidential bid?

Kim Kardashian announced her Hollywood mobile game is shutting down. Here's how much microtransactions make the mobile game industry yearly.

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Kim Kardashian closing free mobile game that made her millions

Bill Granger, the Australian chef behind avocado toast, died at 54. Did his expensive breakfast treat ruin millennials' homeownership chances?

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He aimed to serve a delicious breakfast. Instead he fueled a generation war.

After 95 years, the first iteration of Mickey Mouse enters the public domain, opening a world of reimagining Disney's mascot.


Step aside, Disney: Mickey Mouse belongs to all of us now, sort of

Eighty-nine percent of pet owners say they will spend money on them to maximize holiday joy. Here are the 2023 holiday pet spending trends.

Pet spending is off the charts in 2023. Here are 5 holiday splurges

Mississippi's Secretary of State sent a cease and desist letter to BlackRock regarding alleged misleading of clients about ESG investing.

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BlackRock ‘misleading’ investors on ESG strategy, Tennessee lawsuit claims

Southwest Airlines is facing a record $140 million penalty over last year's holiday hellscape. The meltdown affected 2 million passengers.

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Southwest Airlines’ $140 million fine includes future travel vouchers

2023 Wrapped: Wikipedia Edition. People viewed Wikipedia pages 84 billion times. If Taylor Swift doesn't top the list, what does?


Taylor Swift doesn’t top this list: The most-searched Wikipedia pages of 2023.

As the NCAA faces multiple lawsuits, will college athletes end up unionized? And do they need to be students at all?

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Are college athletes students or employees? NCAA’s legal hurdles

Decades of disastrous economic policies in Argentina led voters to Javier Milei, who is promising to blow it up.

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Why is Argentina’s economy so bad? Does Javier Milei have the answers?

Trump has asked the Supreme Court to reject a request by federal prosecutors to immediately review his claim of immunity from prosecution.

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How conservative radio host’s Supreme Court case threatens to upend the courts

Video games and luxury goods bring in huge revenues each year. Here's what happens when they combine their powers in gaming-luxury collaborations.

Power-ups & prestige: 5 epic video game x luxury brand collabs

The final weeks of ChatGPT's first year were mired in drama. Now a co-founder's future with the company is in doubt.

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It’s ChatGPT’s birthday. Here’s how it changed the AI game in 1 short year.