New York prosecutors have moved to file criminal charges against former President Donald Trump, the first indictment of a former president.

What are Trump’s legal options after indictment?

New York prosecutors have moved to file criminal charges against former President Donald Trump, marking the first criminal indictment of a former U.S. president in history. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has spent the last few years investigating whether Trump violated campaign finance laws in connection to hush money paid to adult film star Stormy Daniels [...]
Iditarod musher Jason Mackey talks about bringing his late brother's ashes on the trail as the race honors Lance Mackey's legacy.

‘Carrying Lance with me’: Iditarod musher Mackey continues brother’s legacy

“Really focus on the dogs. The only reason we’re getting down the trail is because of the dogs. So, they absolutely come first, in all aspects. That’s not just on the trail, that’s at home, that’s everyday life for us,” Iditarod musher Jason Mackey told Straight Arrow News at the Iditarod.  The Mackey name has [...]
One of the racers in this year's Iditarod is Danish musher Mille Porsild, who is competing for the fourth time.

Iditarod racer brags on her ‘superstar’ dogs, shares her life as a musher

The 51st Iditarod kicked off Sunday, seeing 33 dog-pulled sleds begin the 1,000-mile trek across the snowy Alaskan landscape. One of the racers this year is Danish musher Mille Porsild, who is competing for the fourth time in the Last Great Race on Earth. When she’s not mushing, Porsild, who was named Rookie of the [...]
A small, 22-member fire department is helping the Border Patrol rescue immigrants who get injured on their journey into America.

Sunland Park Fire Department supporting Border Patrol rescues

Immigration along the southern border surged to record levels in the 2022 fiscal year. The Border Patrol encountered more than 2.3 million immigrants, but another record went largely unnoticed. Agents performed more than 22,000 searches and rescues, nearly double 2021 levels and more than four times the number in 2020. As immigrants try to cross [...]
More than 300,000 immigrants crossed the border in El Paso, Texas last fiscal year, so officials responded with mobile processing centers.

Mobile processing centers help officials amid El Paso immigrant influx

The Border Patrol took in more than 300,000 immigrants in El Paso, Texas, last fiscal year. That’s more than a third of the surrounding county’s population. It’s an influx that overwhelmed the area and led to migrants sleeping on the streets. But the Border Patrol, city and county governments were quick to act and each [...]
After repopulation efforts, more than 316,000 bald eagles exist in the U.S., but 30,000 golden eagles are at risk, thanks to Wyoming's wind farms.

Winds of change: Wyoming wind farms threaten golden eagle population

The golden eagle population in the United States is at risk of decline, according to biologists. Some of the greatest threats to these raptors are electrical lines, bullets, cars and wind turbines. While many of these hazards are entrenched in society, wind farms are a recent addition. “Because this is a new technology and something [...]
Conservation and renewable energy collide in the western U.S., and mitigation tactics might not be enough to save endangered golden eagles.

Coming soon: Wyoming wind farms threaten golden eagles

Coming Tuesday, Oct. 18: Two groups normally aligned find themselves at odds in Wyoming. Green energy advocates and animal conservationists are colliding over policy and solutions as the pursuit for wind power threatens golden eagles. This specific bird population faces the risk of a decline in the United States since many man-made threats to raptors are [...]
Gen Z member Ray Reed, 25, is a part of a new movement that is making a bid to take on the establishment in Washington, D.C.. 

Gen Z congressional candidates ready to take on DC establishment

Ray Reed, 25, is one of many voices that make up Generation Z (born between 1997-2012). He is a part of a new movement that is making a bid to take on the establishment in Washington, D.C.  The oldest members of Gen Z became eligible to run for congressional office this year. Reed, a progressive [...]
Apple has removed the SIM card tray from iPhone 14 models sold in the U.S., pushing carriers to adopt the technology.

Dragging carriers into the future, Apple ditches SIM card tray in iPhone 14

Apple’s iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro offer a number of new features, including upgraded cameras, faster processors and emergency SOS via satellite. But dropping the physical SIM card tray in favor of a digital eSIM in U.S. models could have the biggest impact across the mobile phone landscape. The Subscriber Identity Module card, or [...]
Gold Star Afghanistan War

Gold Star mother revisits legacy of Marine Cpl. Daegan Page

It’s been more than a year since the death of 23-year-old Cpl. Daegan Page. The Marine was among the 13 servicemembers and hundreds of Afghan civilians killed by an ISIS suicide bomber outside the Kabul Airport on Aug. 26, 2021.  Page helped facilitate the evacuation of American and Afghan civilians as Taliban forces began to [...]