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How low can they go? Reasons for Kamala Harris’ historically low approval ratings

Apr 06, 2022


A recent USAToday / Suffolk University poll pegged Vice President Kamala Harris’ approval rating at 28 percent. It’s the lowest approval rating of a modern vice president and casts doubt over a future Harris presidential run.

The White House quickly jumped to her defense. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told Politico there was “no question” that racism and sexism were part of “attacks” against the vice president. Even before she became vice president, Harris said back in 2019 that racism and misogyny harmed her politically .

The Biden administration has worked to display a united front, with Psaki tweeting that Harris is a ‘vital partner’ and ‘bold leader’.

But disparaging leaks about Harris’ role suggest her appointment to address the border crisis was a ‘no-win situation’.

When asked on Good Morning America about whether she felt misused or under used, Harris replied, “No, I don’t.”

“We’re getting things done and we’re doing it together,” she added.

In the same USAToday / Suffolk University poll, President Biden posted a 38 percent approval rating.