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Pro-Palestinian protesters interrupt Biden’s star-studded NYC fundraiser

Mar 29


Pro-Palestinian demonstrators interrupt President Biden’s celebrity-packed fundraising event at Radio City Music Hall. And, The Wall Street Journal marks one year of reporter Evan Gershkovich being held in a Russian prison. These stories and more highlight The Morning Rundown for Friday, March 29, 2024.

Protesters interrupt Biden’s star-studded NYC fundraiser

President Joe Biden, joined by former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, attended a fundraising event in New York City, drawing over 5,000 supporters for his reelection campaign. The event, which raised $25 million, was marked by interruptions from pro-Palestinian protesters criticizing Biden’s stance on the Gaza war.

High-profile attendees paid up to $500,000 for perks, including a photo op with the presidents by Annie Leibovitz. The event featured celebrities like Mindy Kaling, Stephen Colbert, Lizzo, and Queen Latifah, blending humor with the presidents wearing aviator sunglasses in homage to Biden’s style.

However, it also faced moments of tension as protesters voiced their opposition to Biden’s support for Israel in the Gaza conflict. Outside Radio City Music Hall, a significant number of protesters clashed with police. The three presidents addressed the Gaza war, advocating for a two-state solution and the protection of civilian lives.

Former President Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, was in New York the same day for a wake honoring a NYC officer killed during a traffic stop.

Wall Street Journal marks reporter Evan Gershkovich’s year jailed in Russia

Today marks a year since Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich was detained in Russia on espionage charges, which he, the newspaper, and the U.S. government strongly refute.

To highlight his ongoing imprisonment, today’s Wall Street Journal front page features a significant blank space with the headline, “His story should be here – A year in Russian prison. A year of stolen stories, stolen joys, stolen memories. The crime: journalism.”

Emma Tucker, the Journal’s Editor in Chief, expressed admiration for Gershkovich’s resilience and humor in the face of wrongful detention in a letter published in today’s edition.

She emphasized the attack on free press rights and the crucial role of journalism in society. A Russian court recently extended Gershkovich’s detention until June 30, without setting a trial date or presenting evidence to support the espionage allegations.

Biden admin. approves $60 million in emergency aid after Baltimore bridge collapse

Following the deadly collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge on Tuesday, the Biden administration has allocated $60 million in federal aid to Maryland.

The bridge, a vital component of the Port of Baltimore and regional economy, plummeted into the Patapsco River after being struck by a cargo ship, resulting in two confirmed deaths and at least four individuals presumed dead.

In response, President Joe Biden pledged swift action to rebuild the bridge. Maryland Governor Wes Moore is concentrating on recovery and logistical efforts to reopen the port and restore this essential transportation link, including deploying the Eastern Seaboard’s largest crane for wreckage removal by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The emergency funds are designated for debris removal, detour arrangements, emergency repairs, and reconstruction.

45 killed in fiery bus crash in South Africa, 8-year-old survives

An 8-year-old child was the sole survivor of a bus crash in South Africa on Thursday that resulted in 45 fatalities. The bus, transporting worshippers to an Easter festival, veered off a bridge in a mountain pass, plunged into a ravine, and caught fire.

The child, who sustained serious injuries, is currently receiving treatment in the hospital.

Authorities indicate that the crash occurred after the driver lost control of the bus. Search operations for the victims are still underway.

House to submit Mayorkas articles of impeachment to Senate

The U.S. House of Representatives plans to deliver two articles of impeachment against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to the Senate on April 10.

House Speaker Mike Johnson and 11 GOP impeachment managers have requested Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to promptly schedule a trial. Impeached federal officials undergo Senate trials to determine their removal.

Mayorkas, impeached last month for allegedly not enforcing U.S. immigration laws and making false statements to Congress, contends he isn’t to blame for the border crisis, attributing it to Congress’ failure to fix a broken immigration system.

Schumer announced that senators will be sworn in as trial jurors after the impeachment articles are delivered. Currently, both the House and Senate are on a two-week recess.

NFL player buys $15k lawn mower after signing record contract

Philadelphia Eagles lineman Landon Dickerson recently became the NFL’s highest-paid guard, signing a record four-year contract worth up to $87 million.

He mentioned earlier this month that he planned to use some of his earnings to buy a new mower and has now shared on Instagram that he’s followed through. Dickerson showcased his new Gravely Pro-Turn 560, a mower with a retail price of $15,000.

The Eagles, with Dickerson, will kick off their season on September 6 in Brazil, marking the NFL’s first regular season game in the country, where Dickerson is unlikely to bring his new mower.

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