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Queen Elizabeth II’s passing triggers ‘Operation London Bridge’

Sep 08, 2022


Queen Elizabeth II has been recognized as Britain’s longest reigning monarch since her coronation almost 70 years ago. But what happens when her reign ends? 

The queen’s passing has triggered a series of events called “Operation London Bridge,” beginning with a coded call to Prime Minister Liz Truss.

Inside Buckingham Palace, Prince Charles is to immediately ascend the throne and meet with the prime minister before addressing the U.K. as king. In the coming days, the British Parliament will pledge allegiance to King Charles III before he embarks on a tour of the U.K. to mourn with the rest of the country.

The queen’s body will be taken by royal procession to Westminster Hall where she will lie in state for three days. Her funeral service is likely to bring thousands of mourners and billions of viewers from around the world. Later, she will be laid to rest alongside her parents in Windsor. 

While there is a growing movement to rid Britain of its monarchy and experts have suggested Charles should abdicate the throne, it is unlikely, as Charles has waited nearly 70 years to be king.