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As the investigation into former President Trump's activities on January 6 continues, reports indicate gaps in the White House phone log.

Report: White House’s January 6 phone logs include gaps

Feb 10, 2022


As the investigation into the January 6, 2021 riot at the Capitol continues, investigators told the New York Times there are gaps in the White House telephone logs from that day. The Times reported the gaps include calls involving former President Donald Trump at times when investigators knew he was making them.

As Trump often used his personal cell phone to conduct official business, investigators don’t believe the logs were altered. However, the Times reports the missing information makes it hard to track Trump’s activities that day.

The January 6th Select Committee recently learned Trump spoke to Vice President Mike Pence the day of the riot, but that call did not show up on the log. Pence was at the Capitol as the riot started and had to be moved to a secure location. During the riot, some rioters chanted, “Hang Mike Pence.”

The January 6 Select Committee is still receiving documents related to its investigation, as the Supreme Court struck down Trump’s claim of executive privilege.

The House Oversight Committee is now investigating if President Trump broke the Presidential Records Act after reports that the National Archive recently learned of 15 boxes Trump took to his Florida residence. The National Archives has not indicated if any information related to January 6 was in the boxes taken to Florida.

The January 6 Select Committee declined to comment to The New York Times.