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“Trump Summer Tour” hits the road. Will it lead to a 2024 encore?

Jun 28, 2021


The red hats are back. Former President Donald Trump returned to the rally stage, holding his first campaign-style event since leaving the White House. Will it lead him back to the White House?

Meanwhile, more legal problems loom over the Trump Organization.

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Gwen Baumgardner: The red hats are back…

Sot: “lets hear it for the 45th president of the united states…donald j trump”

Baumgardner: This was scene in Wellington, Ohio, where thousands went to watch the former President speak. His first rally since leaving office.

Many thought he’d use the platform to call out members of the GOP who voted for his impeachment.

Instead his focus turned to President Joe Biden and the border.

Trump sot: “I don’t know if they’re doing it out of naivete, or are they doing it because they think it’s really good to have all these people coming into our country, but they are putting your family into a very very bad position.”

Baumgardner: And as for 2020 and 2024? Yeah, he talked about those too.

Trump: “We won the election twice. And it’s possible we’ll have to win it a third time.”

Baumgardner: His remarks come ahead of potential legal problems for the Trump Organization.

The Manhattan district attorney is expected to bring charges against the organization. With the Washington Post reporting that his lawyers have until today to respond to stop them from moving forward.

While trump’s future is unclear…what about the future of Trumpism?