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Ukraine, Russia accuse each other of destroying major dam: June 6 rundown

Jun 06, 2023


As the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues, both sides are accusing the other of intentionally destroying a dam, flooding from which has caused a new humanitarian crisis in the region. And attorneys for former President Donald Trump held a meeting with Justice Department officials to discuss charges against the GOP 2024 frontrunner. These stories and more highlight the rundown for Tuesday, June 6, 2023.

Dam breach creates humanitarian crisis in Ukraine-Russia war zone

A major dam that separates the forces of Russia and Ukraine has burst, sending floodwaters into the war zone and triggering evacuations. The dam’s breach, which occurred just as Ukraine reportedly initiated a long-awaited counteroffensive against Russia, has significant implications for the region, as it supplies water to Crimea and Europe’s largest nuclear plant.

According to Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelenskyy, Russian forces set off a blast from inside the dam structure, deliberately causing its destruction. Meanwhile, Russia claims that Ukrainian military strikes were responsible for the dam’s breakage, accusing Ukraine of using it as a distraction from their counter-offensive failures. Both nations have long accused each other of planning to destroy the dam, which was built in the Kherson region of Ukraine.

The destruction of the dam has resulted in a new humanitarian disaster in the heart of the war zone, with both sides expected to face the repercussions. The area heavily relies on the dam for its water supply, and the flooding caused by the breach threatens the lives and livelihoods of those caught in the conflict.

GOP presidential field expected to expand with several new candidates

The Republican presidential field is anticipated to grow this week as at least three more candidates are expected to announce their bid for the 2024 election. This surge in announcements will expand the already competitive field of GOP-hopefuls into the double digits.

On Tuesday, June 6, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is expected to launch his campaign at a rally in New Hampshire. Former Vice President Mike Pence is set to kick off his presidential bid in Iowa the following day. North Dakota’s Gov. Doug Burgum is also expected to make an announcement on Wednesday regarding his candidacy.

Attorneys for Trump present case to DOJ officials

Attorneys representing former President Donald Trump held a meeting with Special Counsel Jack Smith and Justice Department officials Monday, June 5, to argue against the filing of charges in the case involving classified documents. The lawyers raised concerns about the integrity of the grand juries investigating the former president, while emphasizing that Trump should not face any charges in relation to the matter.

In their meeting request last month, Trump’s attorneys had said that no president has been “baselessly investigated” in such an “unlawful fashion.” The former president’s legal team also claimed that there was an “ongoing injustice that is being perpetrated” by the special counsel.

“How can DOJ possibly charge me, who did nothing wrong?” Trump posted on his Truth Social platform after the meeting.

Atlanta City Council approves funding for controversial ‘Cop City’

Atlanta’s City Council has granted approval for the funding of a proposed police and firefighter training center, commonly known as “Cop City,” in a decision announced this morning. The approval came after several hours of testimony, during which hundreds of individuals gathered around City Hall to protest the establishment of the center.

Originally approved in September 2021, the training center required an additional vote to secure funding for its estimated cost of $90 million. City officials assert that the new center will replace inadequate training facilities and help address the challenges of recruiting and retaining police officers.

Opponents of the training center, who initiated the “Stop Cop City” movement, vehemently criticized the project, characterizing it as a gross misuse of public funds that would contribute to the further militarization of the police force.

The movement against the training center has gained national attention, particularly in light of the fatal police shooting of activist Manuel Teran in January. According to an autopsy report, Teran was shot 57 times following an altercation with police near the proposed site of the training center.

Another plane of migrants arrives in Sacramento amid political tensions

Another plane carrying migrants landed in Sacramento, California, Monday, June 5, marking the second such arrival in the state’s capital within four days. California Gov. Gavin Newsom has placed responsibility on Florida for transporting migrants from the southern border to Sacramento, even going as far as floating the idea of kidnapping charges against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Newsom took to Twitter in the latest exchange of heated words, referring to DeSantis as a “small, pathetic man” and sharing a link to California legislation regarding kidnapping. DeSantis has not commented on the recent migrant flights, and Florida has not claimed any involvement in orchestrating the transportation. However, California officials report that the migrants arrived with paperwork suggesting Florida’s involvement.

Monday’s flight carried approximately 20 migrants, while last week’s flight brought 16 individuals. All of them initially arrived in Texas and were subsequently sent to a church in Sacramento. The migrants are all adults and have been provided with food, water, and supplies by local authorities.

Iran claims development of domestic hypersonic ballistic missile

Iran has released images of what they assert to be their first domestically produced hypersonic ballistic missile, according to statements made by Iran’s state TV. The missile is purportedly capable of bypassing the most advanced anti-ballistic missile systems employed by the United States. This announcement is expected to reignite concerns about Iran’s nuclear capabilities amid escalating tensions between Tehran and Washington.

The disclosure of Iran’s achievement in developing hypersonic capabilities comes less than two weeks after the country test-launched a ballistic missile, which the U.S. State Department deemed a significant threat.

Actors union votes to authorize potential strike as contract talks begin

The ongoing writers’ strike in the entertainment industry has thrown major film and television studios into turmoil, and now Hollywood faces the possibility of actors joining the picket lines. Hollywood’s actors union voted to authorize a strike if contract negotiations fail to yield satisfactory results. With the current contract set to expire at the end of the month, contract talks are scheduled to begin tomorrow.

SAG-AFTRA, the actors union involved in these negotiations, represents a significant portion of Hollywood’s workforce, with approximately 160,000 members. The potential strike by actors comes as TV and film writers are already in their sixth week of striking. The writers’ strike has disrupted the production of late-night shows and has caused delays in the release of highly anticipated shows.

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