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Who would win? Security expert wargames China’s invasion of Taiwan

Jan 24, 2023


House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is planning to visit Taiwan later this year as concerns grow regarding the tension between Taiwan and China. Last year, President Biden committed to defending Taiwan if China were to invade the island.

The Center for Strategic and International Studies ran the scenarios in a wargame to see what could happen. Mark Cancian, a senior advisor for the International Security Program, was one of three experts who worked on the project. Cancian joined Straight Arrow News to discuss the results.

According to Cancian’s work, in the majority of the scenarios he explored, the U.S., Taiwan and Japan won. However, his report explains that such a win would come with a cost. Taiwan’s economy would be debilitated and the U.S. military would suffer significant losses. Additionally, other countries could take advantage of the U.S. being distracted and the conflict could escalate or drag on.

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