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Abrams holds big advantage in race for Georgia governor

Dec 08, 2021


Stacey Abrams is running for governor in Georgia, and she’s looking at some big advantages which are likely to place her in office. Yes, she ran for governor in the last election cycle in 2018 and lost to current Governor Brian Kemp, but things have changed. We are seeing a major shift in demographics in the Peach State, giving an edge to Democrats. On the Republican side, candidates are positioned for a bruising battle in the primary election. That too gives Abrams the upper hand.

Stacey Abrams running for governor again in the state of Georgia. And I’m making a bold proclamation today, right here. She is likely the favorite to win the election. Let me tell you why.

Stacey Abrams came 1.4% short, short of being the governor last election cycle.

Brian Kemp is the current governor. He defeated her in that election, but some things have changed since that day. 

Number one, the state of Georgia now has two statewide elected U.S. Senators.  Both of those U.S. senators defeated Republican incumbents. Senator Loeffler, Senator Perdue are no more. Senator Ossoff and Senator Warnock won the state of Georgia. 

Now this was largely due to the influence of Stacey Abrams and others who pushed the movement of Democrats in the state of Georgia. She did not have that the first time she ran. 

Also, the demographics have transitioned significantly since she ran the first time. we have about a million new voters and roughly half of them are people of color.

A large percentage are individuals under 35 and a significant number are people who are first time registered voters in the state of Georgia. 

All of those demographics lean left, they lean Democratic. Okay. That’s something else that she has that she did not have the first time. 

Now there’s some additional development on the Republican side that could give Stacey Abrams an advantage. 

Senator Perdue who was defeated, defeated in his race as U.S. Senator is now running for Georgia governor in the Republican primary against current governor, Brian Kemp. 

Well, it is clear that Donald Trump is supporting Perdue and going to counter endorse Brian Kemp. He’s coming after Kemp, as he has promised in many of his rallies and some of his interviews. He’s coming after Governor Kemp. 

Well, what is that going to do? That is going to create a brutal Republican primary. Whoever comes out of the Republican primary will be so battered and bruised they will be weakened as a general election candidate. 

Stacey Abrams on the other hand will not have some vigorous challenging Democratic primary. Hell, I don’t even know if she will have an actual primary challenger, at least not a credible one.

That allows her to create her messaging throughout the campaign and not be distracted by running a primary and then a general election campaign. She can simply run a general election campaign. 

It also gives her a lot of opportunity to consolidate her base, raise money, articulate her messaging, and really distribute her messaging to the masses. 

Her campaign ad that was released via Twitter already shows you the style of her campaign, which will be a very Georgia-centric campaign, not a national campaign, not trying to get caught up in national messaging, but a very Georgia specific campaign. 

Smart move because other Democrats running for governor throughout other states in America have not been that wise. She is. So these are some of the variables that lead me to believe that Stacey Abrams right now is the frontrunner to be governor of the state of Georgia.

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