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Opinion: Joe Biden’s policies are ruining the U.S. economy

Nov 08, 2021


The Biden administration’s policies, which seem designed to assuage the socialist wing that has taken over the Democratic Party, are an economic catastrophe. If you want concrete evidence that President Biden has fallen asleep at the wheel, look no further than the growing threat of inflation staring directly at us; or the fleet of cargo ships stranded off the coast of California that poses a threat to Christmas gift giving.

The booming economy we enjoyed the past few years is about to go off a cliff, just as the holidays approach. When it does, remember which political party was behind the wheel.

Hi, I’m Newt Gingrich. And I want to share with you one of the most interesting things that has happened recently, and that is the New York times report that this will be the most expensive Thanksgiving in American history.

I tell everybody it won’t be a very big problem, because you can’t afford the gasoline to go to your parents or grandparents anyway, but think about it. What we have now in one short year, we’ve moved from an economy that was booming, from a dollar that was stable, from a situation where we had the greatest increase for workers in recent history — we had the lowest black unemployment, the lowest Latino unemployment, the lowest female unemployment in a one short year — the policies of Joe Biden and the big government socialists have wrecked the economy. That’s what it means when you have the kind of inflation we’re starting to get.

That’s what it means when you have the kind of shortages when you have over 60 ships stuck off of Long Beach, a port that Biden couldn’t remember at the CNN town hall, and you can’t get them unloaded because you don’t have enough truck drivers. And you go through item after item. We’re now thinking that at Christmas a great number of things are not going to be available, or if they are available, they’re going to be very expensive. So you’re watching sort of an economic crash, of things colliding with each other.

Not a clash in the traditional, just downward sense, but I mean, just stuff coming together that doesn’t work. We have…I talked to somebody yesterday who took nine months to buy a bed for their baby because they just couldn’t find it when they found it. It took that long to get it shipped.

So I think this sort of a thing is going to continue as long as we have a big spending, big bureaucracy system in Washington. And I believe that we need to have a real national debate about this. We know how to fix these things. We know what Giuliani did in New York worked and basically eliminated murder and violent crime. Within a couple of years, it was astonishing how fast the right policies worked. We know that would Reagan did brought inflation under control, led to huge economic growth. And in fact, set the stage for a quarter century of continuous American economic growth.

We know that what Trump was doing, lower taxes, less regulation, less bureaucracy was working, and we know what doesn’t work. It didn’t work for Jimmy Carter and it’s not working for Joe Biden. So I’ll be reporting more on the kind of things we need to be doing. The things that will work, the lessons we ought to learn, whether it relates to energy, natural gas, you name it.

We’re at a point of dramatic change from America. And I want to share those kinds of insights and observations with you.

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