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Build Back Better will bust. Just look at the 1990s.

Nov 24, 2021


All that partying amongst the Democrats over the the House passing the Build Back Better bill is going to fizzle. The Senate is never going to sign off on that $2 trillion spending plan, and when the American people learn the details, there’s going to be an uproar. It’s reminiscent of the early 1990s when the Democrats tried something similar, pushing through a giant tax increase. Remember what happened after that? My Contract with America led the Republicans to historic victories in 1994. It’s fascinating how history repeats itself.

The passing in the House of this Build Back Better bill is going to turn out to be, I think, a catastrophe for the house Democrats. 

First of all, the bill in its current form will never pass the Senate. 

I remember in 1993, the House Democrats passed a huge tax increase, which was very unpopular and which then died in the Senate.

So they had all downside, no gain. And it was one of the factors that led us to win control for the first time in 40 years because we were able to run against them as tax increasing Democrats.

When people see all the different pieces that are lumped together under this Build Back Better bill, they’re going to be shocked that their members voted for so many different, bad things. 

For one thing, the bill’s just a lie about how much it’s going to cost, because what they did is they would put in two years of a program and 10 years of taxes. So they don’t put in the other eight years of the program. The estimate by the Wharton school is that it’s actually a $4 trillion bill.

Now on top of inflation, if people are faced with somebody coming home who just voted to add $4 trillion in spending to drive inflation even higher, I think it’s going to be stunningly unpopular, and it has all sorts of various items For example, on immigration where it protects illegal immigrants from being kicked out of the country, even if they’ve broken the law of, and then by breaking the law, I mean, robbery, for example, a burglary, a variety of things, that would count, moral turpitude is a term they use, which presumably would mean preying on children, sexually.

All of these things are in there in a way that makes no sense at all.

And nobody knew about it. There were no hearings on it.

And I think when the Democrats find out what they voted yes on, they’re going to find they cannot defend it.

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