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Leftist media ignoring Waukesha parade murders dangerous for America

Dec 02, 2021


In the aftermath of the deadly parade crash in Waukesha, Wisconsin, we are witnessing another crisis. The leftist media is ignoring this story and a key part of it: a Black man was at the wheel of the truck and plowed through the crowd killing eight people and injuring 40 others. However, that’s not what you are hearing from the elite media. Instead, they are overlooking the fact that this man is an anti-white racist, and it’s perpetuating the problem we have with discussing race in America.

I think it is amazing that the murders at Waukesha are basically being ignored and hidden by all of the propaganda media of the corporate left. 

The fact is this was a horrendous event, an event which sent shock waves through the whole country. If you can’t even go to a Christmas parade safely, if the very spirit of the season of peace is being violated by somebody who clearly, was an anti-white racist, an African-American who had posted on his own internet site very deeply anti-white diatribes had posted that you can use a vehicle to commit murder something, which we saw in Nice, France a couple of years ago when a Muslim extremist drove a huge truck and killed a large number of people. 

This has been a very sobering, shocking thing, but I think as shocking as the actual act of murder, killing eight people, wounding about 40 in a Christmas parade, as shocking as that was, the deliberate willful avoidance by all of the elite media who refused to cover it, refuse to focus on it,refuse to be honest about it.

The fact that they keep talking about this vehicle as though it was the truck, which did the killing, not the driver tells you something about how sick the current conversation is and how much we have to have the courage, to be honest.

The truck didn’t kill anyone. The man driving it killed eight people and wounded 40, and that ought to be a national conversation because the fact is teaching racism, teaching people that if you’re white, you’re automatically racist teaching people that it’s okay to go out and harm others. All of that’s really dangerous to the very fabric of American society. And yet our propaganda media of the left will not even discuss it. Not only do they not want to put it on page one, they don’t want to put it on page 30. 

And so I think we have a real crisis in terms of our media, as much as we have a crisis in terms of a man willing to kill people at a Christmas parade.

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