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Opinion: Biden right on vaccine mandates and rules for federal workers

Aug 24, 2021


When President Biden set the rules for vaccines and safety precautions for federal workers, some argued he was out of line. The truth is, he was following the law.

Okay, here’s the thing. There’s a whole lot of confusion about what Joe Biden, the President of the United States, has actually ordered. 

There are some saying that the President has ordered all federal workers to get a COVID-19 vaccination, completely 100% untrue, even though I can make the argument that legally the President can do so for federal workers, but that’s another commentary and maybe for another time.

Here’s what has happened, the President of the United States has said either you can self-certify and say that you have received the vaccine, meaning they’re using the honesty test. Okay? If you say you got it, they’re going to trust that you do have it.

If you do not, if you have not received a COVID-19 vaccination, you must adhere to particular rules as a federal worker. 

The federal government employs millions of people. They employ even more by way of contractors and subcontractors.

You have a whole lot of folks who work for the federal government. It’s a lot of people. 

Now, there’s no mandate for the COVID vaccine, but there is a mandate to wear mask, to physically distance from others in the workplace, and to get tested on a regular basis if you have not been vaccinated. 

So you have a choice here. If you are adversarial to the vaccination, you do not have to get it, even if you work for the federal government, but you do have to go through certain workplace protocols. 

The President of the United States oversees the federal workforce. Bottom line. He oversees it. 

Private corporations can require this as well at their workplace. Some call them COVID passports, but whatever. 

The bottom line is this, yes, the government can place restrictions and place policies on workplace rules and that’s what has happened.

So ladies and gentlemen, let me take you also to the 10th Amendment of the US Constitution. 

The 10th Amendment of the Constitution gives states an amazing amount of power as well under a public health crisis. 

States can mandate all citizens be socially distant or wear a mask or shut down their private companies. 

Those are powers inside of the constitution, which grant governments this ability. If you don’t like it, then you don’t like the Constitution. 

But the President of the United States does not have the constitutional authority to order this for every American. He does have certain authority over federal workers.

Now here’s another part, there is likely going to be some movement on the US military and if they are going to be forced to receive the COVID-19 vaccination. 

So Biden has directed the Department of Defense to look into adding COVID-19 shots to the list of required vaccinations for members of the military. 

Now, some people will obviously say that should not happen. But remember, if you are a member of the military, you already have to get certain vaccines anyway based on your deployment, up to 17 based on your deployment. 

So it was already here is my point. The US military has been mandated to receive certain vaccines for years. That’s nothing new.

So no, the President of the United States has not ordered all federal workers to receive the COVID vaccine shot. He has changed workplace policy, which is well within his statutory rights and constitutional boundaries because the President does in fact oversee the federal workforce. Don’t fall for the smoke, look directly at what’s really happening.

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