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VP Harris faces real trouble as support plunges

Dec 10, 2021


Vice President Kamala Harris’ plummeting popularity could become a serious problem for the second-in-command. Her approval rating is at a record low, and she’s making headlines for all the wrong reasons. News reports tell us members of her staff are jumping ship and critics are battering her with words like bully and incompetent. You could hear and feel the lack of support for the Vice President at last weekend’s Kennedy Center Honors. When Harris was elected last year, many applauded her for breaking the glass ceiling, but the reality is all those shards are falling on top of her.

One of the most interesting and amusing parlor games being played in Washington right now is Kamala Harris, the vice president, she apparently has gone sour with the left. 

They were bothered when president Biden was at 38% approval. She was down at 28% approval. 

Her failures were made even more obvious when someone put together a website that has 10 hours of her laughing. They literally went out and picked up every single interview and would clip out the parts where she laughs, put ’em all together into a 10-hour segment on Kamala Harris laughing. 

Then her staff began to fire, to quit, and people began to leak.  And there was talk of a war between the president’s staff and the vice president’s staff. 

And I can tell you, in all the years I’ve been in Washington and around Washington, vice presidents lose those fights.

In fact, the smart vice president never gets involved in it. 

The job of the vice president is to do what the president wants because it’s the president who’s really elected, and the vice president’s kind of the tag-along. 

However she’s failed to do the things they’ve asked her to do. She’s shown no real initiative on the border where she was put in charge.  She was sort of embarrassing when she went to Europe, and you could that, you know, she had, she had this fake French accent where she talked about Z project. You may have wondered what, what, what is she doing? 

Now, you have various people leaving her and saying very tough things about her.  That she’s a monster, she’s impossible to work for. And you have the Washington Post in particular has begun to run stories, attacking her.

Now, if you’re a liberal Democrat and you get the Washington Post and the New York Times running articles about how you’re incompetent, you’re a bully, you’re impossible to work for. You got a real problem.

If you’re also a 28% approval, the weakest of all the national Democrats, you got a real problem. 

If it turns out, as we’re told by rumor that, Jill Biden, the president’s wife thinks that Kamala is a major reason for his current bad polling numbers, then you got a doubly real problem. And I think that there’s a serious effort by a number of Democratic staffers to figure out how to get her out of office, which is very hard to do, but possible.

I sense that the more this goes on, the tireder she gets, the angrier she gets, the less likable she is. So it, it’s gonna be interesting to see what happens. 

Callista and I went to the Kennedy Center Honors.

There was a huge round of applause for President Biden. It is after all a very liberal institution.  Much, much less applause and much, much less enthusiasm when they introduced Vice President Harris and her husband. 

So, some things are moving and may or may not amount to anything, could just be one of those Washington gossip obsessions, but so far, at least, if I were in Vice President Harris’ shoes, I’d be a little worried about what’s going on.

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