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Hamas militants staged a surprise attack on Saturday, killing more than 700 people in Israel, including at least four Americans. The Morning Rundown™

Israel declares ‘full siege’ on Gaza after Hamas attack: The Morning Rundown, Oct. 9, 2023

The death toll tops 1,000 after Hamas’ surprise attack and Israel’s response. And more auto workers are set to go on strike, but this time against Mack Trucks – these stories and more highlight The Morning Rundown for Oct. 9, 2023. Israel retaliates after surprise attack by Hamas Hamas militants staged a surprise attack on Saturday, Oct.…

Business Daily – US sees largest strike to ever hit country’s healthcare sector

Some 75,000 medical workers have walked off the job in the United States, asking for better pay and a solution to understaffing. Negotiations between union negotiators and medical consortium Kaiser Permanente were suspended after a marathon round of contract talks. FRANCE 24’s Wassim Cornet reports from the picket line in Los Angeles. Also in this edition, we hear the opening arguments from the trial of Sam Bankman-Fried. Plus, Amazon and Micros…

75,000 health care workers are striking in California, Virginia, and three other states over staffing shortages and pay.

75,000 health care workers strike demanding better staffing and pay

There’s more labor unrest in the U.S. as 75,000 health care workers are striking in California, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Virginia and Washington, D.C. over pay and staffing shortages. Kaiser Permanente is one of the nation’s largest insurers and healthcare organizations. With 39 hospitals nationwide, the nonprofit provides health care coverage and care to 13 million…

The U.S. Congress has a week to pass a funding bill or risk a government shutdown. How much would that cost?

Congress risks another government shutdown. The cost of 5 prior shutdowns.

Congress has until the end of September to fund the government. With about a week to spare, here are the options: Meet the deadline, pass a stopgap bill, or shut down. But when budget showdowns reach shutdowns, there is a significant taxpayer cost. Here are five times politicians shut down the government in this week’s…

After more than 130 years Johnson & Johnson has approved a new logo that reflects the company's focus on innovative medicine.

Johnson & Johnson replaces signature logo as company shifts focus

After more than 130 years, Johnson & Johnson has approved a new logo. The company announced on Thursday, Sept. 14 that it will replace the well-known logo used since 1887. In a press release, the company said it is updating its logo with a more modern look that better represents the organization’s focus on innovative…

A House panel looking at quality of life in the military found service members are footing too much of the bill when it comes to housing.

Improving military quality of life starts in the home

When someone volunteers for the U.S. military, they typically expect basic needs like food, housing and healthcare will be provided. On the whole, the United States takes care of most of its service members’ needs, but there is room for improvement. Take Fort Cavazos, for instance, the Army post formerly known as Fort Hood. It’s…

New York state is moving to protect providers who want to send abortion pills to patients in states with abortion bans.

New York bill protects providers sending abortion pills into states with bans

New York state is moving to protect doctors sending abortion pills to states with abortion bans. The New York Legislature approved a bill that will protect medical providers for serving those who live in states that have restricted access to abortion care. Under the new legislation, New York’s courts and officials would not cooperate if…

The US Coast Guard has reported the detection of underwater noises in the search area for the missing Titanic submarine. The Morning Rundown™

Missing Titanic sub company faced prior safety lawsuit: June 21 rundown

Authorities are hopeful that a breakthrough may have been achieved in the search for the missing Titanic submarine as they race against time to save those in the underwater vessel. And the Pentagon has acknowledged a more significant discrepancy in the value of weapons being sent to Ukraine than previously thought. These stories and more…

Former Vice President Mike Pence has launched his 2024 presidential campaign with the release of a video announcing his White House bid. The Morning Rundown™

Former VP Mike Pence announces 2024 presidential bid: June 7 rundown

The field of GOP candidates for the 2024 presidential election continues to expand, as former Vice President Mike Pence has officially announced his bid for the White House. And pharmaceutical giant Merck has filed a lawsuit against the federal government over the Biden administration’s drug pricing plan. These stories and more highlight the rundown for…

A pregnant nurse, Sarah Comrie, has garnered over $100,000 through a GoFundMe campaign after being branded a racist in a viral confrontation.

GoFundMe for woman accused of racism in viral confrontation raises over $100K

A pregnant nurse, Sarah Comrie, who found herself at the center of a viral confrontation has raised over $100,000 through a GoFundMe campaign after being labeled a racist white woman. The incident, which occurred on May 12, involved a dispute over who rightfully paid to use a Citi Bike. In the video, Comrie is seen…

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