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Coal is unfashionable in advanced economies, but if the global order breaks down, it will thrive on international markets.

Coal will thrive on global market if globalization breaks down

Coal, one of the original key ingredients of the Industrial Revolution, has fallen out of favor in recent decades as new advances have enabled humans to generate cleaner, more efficient and more sustainable energy. Today, coal generates only 16% of American energy, down from 20% in 2022. Watch the video above as Straight Arrow News…

A Washington Post investigation reveals the EU is financing efforts by Tunisia to intercept migrants and leave them stranded in the desert.

EU funding tied to efforts to drop migrants in African desert: Report

Sub-Saharan and other African migrants traveling to Europe face dire consequences when they leave the North African coast. Many who try to make it to the European Union (EU) are being picked up before they make land and dropped off in the desert. According to a new report, EU nations are funding these roundups of…

The Fed vows to keep interest rates restrictive until inflation goes down. But what's left of inflation is largely out of the Fed's control.

How much sway does Fed’s interest rate policy have over residual inflation?

The latest consumer price report released on Wednesday, May 15, showed a slight easing of inflation in April. It was led by lower grocery prices and declining auto prices, both new and used. The Bureau of Labor Statistics said overall consumer prices rose 3.4% on the year and 0.3% on the month, with shelter and…

A record 30% of the world's electricity came from renewable energy sources in 2023, and a global decline in fossil fuel use may follow.

30% of world’s power now comes from renewables, fossil fuels set to decline

A recent report from climate think tank Ember has revealed a record-setting 30% of the world’s electricity was generated from renewable energy sources in 2023. Experts said this milestone now sets the stage for a potential global decline in fossil fuel usage, with projections indicating that this shift could occur as early as 2024. “In…

Both Biden and Trump believe raising tariffs on China is a winning move, especially in battleground states. But is it good for everyone?

Tariffs 101: Is raising tariffs on China a win for Americans?

Regarding tariffs on Chinese goods, 2024 presidential candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump are more in lockstep than not. Both candidates appear to believe raising tariffs on China is a winning issue in key battleground states. On Tuesday, May 14, President Biden announced additional tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles, solar cells, advanced batteries, and semiconductors.…

New polls show former President Trump leading President Biden in five key battleground states with less than six months until the election.

Poll: Trump leads in 5 of 6 battleground states Biden won in 2020

The 2024 presidential election is nearing and new polls show former President Donald Trump leading President Joe Biden in five of the six key battleground states. The polls — conducted by The New York Times, Siena College and The Philadelphia Inquirer from April 28 to May 9 — reveal that Trump is leading among registered…

As the presidential election looms, college students seem more focused on domestic matters related to the economy than foreign policy.

Any issue, including Israel-Gaza, could impact 2024 election

According to a recent Generation Lab poll aimed at understanding the issues college students are most focused on, health care reform, education funding, economic fairness, racial justice, civil rights, climate change and gun control are at the top of their lists. The conflict in the Middle East ranks last among their top concerns, trailing behind immigration…

Due to stubborn inflation, higher interest rates look more likely over the next few years instead of rate cuts this year.

Why interest rates will be higher for longer

At the start of 2024, the outlook for the U.S. economy was optimistic. Inflation was falling, unemployment was shrinking and the country was experiencing strong GDP growth. As 2024 progressed, that situation changed. Inflation proved stubborn, remaining above 3%, and economic output slowed down, making the Federal Reserve’s initial prediction for six rate cuts no…

If the low birth rate continues, eventually the U.S. economy could see a decline similar to the Germans and Koreans.

How to handle plunging US birth rate before it’s too late

The latest CDC report on the U.S. birth rate reveals a decline in fertility rates, with 2023 seeing just 1.62 births per woman, marking the lowest level since data collection began in the 1930s. Births in the U.S. decreased for over a decade prior to the onset of COVID-19, and then experienced a 4% drop…

Putin pledges to fight for however long it takes, but is that a realistic pledge for a hamstrung Russian economy and a demoralized Russia?

Putin’s promise of a long war might be hollow threat

With the United States Congress finally passing another major defensive aid package and France now threatening to send its own armed forces in to defend Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin is promising his people that Russia is prepared to fight a long, protracted war for however long it takes. But how realistic is that promise?…

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